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Keep Your Tops On

Did you know that you can leave your tops, caps and lids on your plastic and glass bottles and jars? Recycling just got a little simpler!

Don't Flip your Lid!
Recycle Devon has been working with Devon authorities to make recycling as easy as possible for its residents. Following on from industry advice, you can now leave your caps, tops and lids on both your plastic and glass bottles and jars. Simply give the bottle or jar a rinse, squash plastic bottles, put the top back on and recycle as you normally would. Spread the word with your friends so they can 'ketchup' and keep up to date with this new advice!


Where can I recycle these items?
Don't get in a 'pickle' - all local councils in Devon will collect your plastic bottles (including ones from your bathroom) in your usual household recycling service. You can find out more about your recycling collections here. Most authorities will collect your glass bottles and jars, however for the few that don't you can take  them to your local Recycling Bank or Recycling Centre. If you're not sure what authority you live in, you can find out by using this handy postcode locator tool.



THANK YOU for Recycling
Did you know that Devon's recycling rate increased in the last year and is now a fantastic 55.7% which makes Devon the 3rd best county for recycling. THANK YOU for all your efforts to make Devon one of the best recycling counties in the country!