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Gumtree is an online classifieds and community website

Registering on Gumtree is fast and free and is done via the website
You do not have to register to browse adverts, but will need to be registered to list items.

Registering on the site 

Before posting an advert on Gumtree you will need to register. After that posting adverts is much easier as some of your details will be remembered, meaning you won’t have to fill them out again. First time registration is easy, just post your as as you would normally and click on the link which is sent in your activation email.

Click here for a step by step guide in how to register on Gumtree.

Posting an ad 

Click here for a step by step guide on posting a new ad on Gumtree.

There are some items which you are unable to sell on Gumtree,  see a list of these items.

Receiving replies 

When you post your ad, you can choose to receive replies by email, by phone or both. Use the most suitable contact method for you. Be aware that if your ad is a good one, then it will generate a lot of interest.

Gumtree's guide on reply options may help you decide.

Replying to ads   

When you have found an ad that you are interested in you can contact the advertiser directly.You can either contact them by email or by phone, depending on what information they displayed on their advert.

Gumtree offers Safety Advice which includes tips on buying items in the site.

Saving adverts 

Gumtree has thousands of new adverts every day. It can be hard to keep track of ads that you are interested in, ads you have replied to or even those ads you want more time to think about.

Saving adverts or searches to your Gumtree account provides an easy way to store the adverts that you want to view later and keep on top of those adverts that interest you.

Email alerts 

Are you a bargain hunter? Are you looking for a very specific item? Or do you keep missing out on products because they have already been sold? Email Alerts are a great way to find out about new adverts appearing on Gumtree that match what you are looking for.

Setting up an email alert is really easy. Follow the website's step-by-step guide for help.

Benefits of Gumtree: 

  • Manage all your ads in one place - with your Gumtree account, you can manage every ad you post in a single, simple area.
  • Easier & faster to post ads - you won't have to fill in your contact information or confirm your email address again.
  • Track your ad statistics - you can view stats for your ads: see how many people are viewing your ads and how many reply.

Contacting Gumtree: If you need to get in touch with them you can do so easily by using this webform, or their live online support service.