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Devon Community Recycling Network

The Devon Community Recycling Network helps community groups interested in reducing, reusing and recycling throughout Devon.

  • DCRN represents the interests of community projects, social enterprises and charities working in reuse, recycling and composting in Devon. We provide information, guidance, advice and support where possible
  • The DCRN encourages partnership working and joined-up action between Local Authorities, community groups, networks and other organisations. DCRN inputs two strategies to maximise community and environmental benefits. These are:
  1. Raising awareness of the importance of reducing waste and conserving resources and its role in helping meet the challenges of resource depletion, climate change and peak oil.
  2. Providing newsletters to groups, individual members, Councillors and Parish Councils in Devon to help keep people informed of the rapidly changing environment around waste.

Junk Mail

Information on community group activites can be found in previous issues of Junk Mail. ( This is no longer in publication)

The aim of the network is to:

  • inform, support, advise and represent the interests of the community waste sector.
  • help develop new opportunities for the sector and member groups.
  • liaise and work with Local Authorities and other stakeholders, to develop closer partnership working opportunities and mutual benefits.

To find out more about DCRN or to sign up to the newsletter, please visit the Website or contact Ben Bryant, DCRN coordinator on

   Find out more information on the DCRN Facebook Page.