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Join the Great British Take off and make some tasty savings

When research showed that the average family in Devon throws away almost £60 of good food each month, we almost choked. That’s money we could all take off our shopping bills!

 ‘The Great British Take Off’ is a campaign that highlights just how much food waste actually costs us. Luckily we can all making savings; it just needs a bit of planning at home and at the shops, but it’s worth it.

Here are 5 easy tips to get you started

1. Hot dates

By keeping an eye on the ‘use by’ dates in your fridge you can begin saving your pennies and pounds. If things are getting near time move them into the freezer. Dairy products are often forgotten at the back of the fridge.

When you get home with your shopping, it is a good idea to transfer as much as you can straight into the freezer. If you have large packets of chicken pieces or fish, divide them up and freeze individual portions.

Check out the facts about food dates and visit our fridge & freezer sections to learn more about getting your money’s worth.

2. Be savvy with your storage

Try and keep your store cupboard and freezer well stocked with a variety of canned, dried and frozen goods. Tinned beans, frozen vegetables, meat and fish and dried fruit, nuts, pasta & noodles, rice & grains, are all essentials with a long shelf life - meaning you will always have the ingredients standing by to pull together a delicious meal or to jazz up your leftovers.

Use your storecupboard to create meals from leftovers.

3. Proper portions

Day after day we serve up basic staples - bread, rice, potatoes and pasta but we often cook too much, which ends up uneaten. Are you getting your portions right? Use our portion calculator to check and find a handy way to measure just the right amount.

4. Show some left over loving

It’s amazing how many meals you can get from one chicken! If you enjoy a roast on Sunday, the remains of the joint would make a great curry or a delicious risotto later in the week and you’ll always find enough for a sandwich. If you have time, the carcass can also be boiled up for stock and soups.

Or, if you have some dinner left in the pan, bag it and pop it in the freezer as a ‘ready meal’ for one.

Being crafty with your food is the clever way to save – and it really just means thinking before you throw. With a little bit of thought, you can create some delicious surprises from your leftovers. There are loads of ideas in our recipe section if you need a bit of inspiration.

5. It pays to plan!

Planning your meals is one of the most effective ways you can cut wastage and food bills. Start by checking your fridge, freezer and store cupboard, and before you go shopping, write a list, so you don’t shop for things you already have. Get the kids to help and to suggest what meals they’d like to have that week. Then you can work out a weekly meal plan.

To get more information and some handy help download the free Love Food Hate Waste app for ios and Android, it’s got useful recipe ideas for your leftover, a portion advice a virtual shopping list, menu planner and more.