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Making recycling easy

So most of us agree that getting children involved in reducing and recycling from an early age makes things easier in the long run, and one of the key ways to help them get involved is to make sure that they’re clear on just what can be recycled and how.

There are all kinds of symbols found on packaging to let us know if and how to recycle, and it’s a good idea to get your little ones familiar with some of them so they’ll be able to help sort household recycling as they go. The love food hate waste campaign has raised awareness about the importance of reducing food waste, and familiarising the whole family about just what we should be doing with food packaging is the next step.

So, what are the most common symbols? The Tidyman symbol is one of the most recognisable, and as it urges us to be thoughtful in how we dispose of our rubbish it’s a good one to start with when teaching the kids as they’re likely to have come across it before. There are some basic symbols used to indicate something is recyclable that vary slightly from material to material, so if you start pointing them out to your clan as you notice them yourself they’ll soon read them correctly without a second thought.