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Why stop at just recycling?

We love how many of you have embraced the idea of becoming environmentally friendly and started making huge changes across the county, but don’t forget that there’s far more to doing your bit than recycling, there are all kinds of things you can do – especially around the home.

Reduce and Reuse!

Check out the many ways to recycle things like electrical goods (there are specialist companies that will even give you money in exchange for unwanted mobiles). Don’t forget to buy energy saving light bulbs this winter, and if you’re planning a new addition to the family consider using real nappies instead of disposable ones. People across Devon are already enjoying the benefits of using real nappies, see what they say about their experiences on our testimonials page.

These are all very personal choices of course, and only you can choose which methods of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle are best for you – but if you can help make a difference and save (or even earn!) some money at the same time then that’s got to be worth thinking about. You’ll probably find that once you start thinking of new ways to go green more and more will become obvious.