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World Meteorological Day – Save the rain for reuse!

Water butts collect rain water from drain pipes and store it for re-use. Like compost bins, they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to suit a wide range of gardens and many are made from recycled plastic.

The water from it can be used for anything from washing the car, topping up the pond, tending the lawn and watering plants - taking the strain off the hosepipe during summer! This helps reduce pressure on local reservoirs and ensures it’s environmentally secure, meaning you can use the water guilt free even in the midst of a drought. Alongside other top gardening tips, did you know tap water contains chemical and water treatment substances to make it safe for human consumption, so is not necessarily best for your garden plants.

As well as being good for the local environment, it’s also good for your wallet! Unfortunately, energy and water bills are on the rise but there are eco-friendly solutions.

Small changes like choosing to use a water butt over your regular tap makes sense and will save you a fortune on water bills.

A £20 investment and a quick 10 minute DIY job is all it takes to install one, find a good range here. They can be connected to drainpipes from any house – but also if you have a shed, conservatory or greenhouse too, wherever is most convenient.

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