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Want to improve your business profile, increase morale and save on costs?  By reducing, reusing and recycling your business waste, you can achieve all of this and much more!  There are plenty of ways you can make your office space more green without making sweeping changes that require considerable effort. Find out how to start or improve recycling and waste management in your business or where you work by checking out our 5 tips and begin making your workplace more environmentally friendly.

Our feelings toward our clothes have always been mixed. Sometimes we’re swept off our feet by the latest must-have shoes, others we’re happy just relaxing with a familiar old jumper and then there are the times we fall out of love...

What has changed recently is how we consume clothes. As the Centre for Sustainable mentioned in a recent blog post we ‘have fallen into a monotonous cycle of shopping, stockpiling and then periodically binning our clothes rather than cherishing, valuing and loving them’.

When research showed that the average family in Devon throws away almost £60 of good food each month, we almost choked. That’s money we could all take off our shopping bills!

 ‘The Great British Take Off’ is a campaign that highlights just how much food waste actually costs us. Luckily we can all making savings; it just needs a bit of planning at home and at the shops, but it’s worth it.

Here are 5 easy tips to get you started

1. Hot dates

So most of us agree that getting children involved in reducing and recycling from an early age makes things easier in the long run, and one of the key ways to help them get involved is to make sure that they’re clear on just what can be recycled and how.

Teaching children to reduce and recycle is one of the most exciting parts of going green, and one of the easiest ways to make the whole issue fun for the little ones is to start upcycling. Upcycling is the household art of transforming old objects and things you no longer need into new, useful additions to the house. There’s an old school feel to this trend that will remind many parents of the days when children’s TV was all about taking a seemingly mundane object from the home and creating something useful with it.

We’ve all done it…thrown a plastic bottle into the bin and then looked guiltily over to the empty recycling containers. Although we all have good intentions when it comes to doing the right thing with our waste, it can be tricky breaking old habits and it’s easy to forget the huge benefits of doing our bit.

We love how many of you have embraced the idea of becoming environmentally friendly and started making huge changes across the county, but don’t forget that there’s far more to doing your bit than recycling, there are all kinds of things you can do – especially around the home.

Reduce and Reuse!

With autumn closing in many of us are pencilling in more and more evenings in with friends into our diaries, and that can mean lots more opportunity to recycle around the home. Whether the shorter days mean Christmassy afternoons making things with the kids or more evenings entertaining at home you’ll notice it’s the perfect time of year to get recycling.

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