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Electrical & Electronic Equipment

When the sparks gone from your old electricals, there are many things you can do to stop them from being disposed of! Whether it's old mobile phones, busted power tools or simply a broken kettle or toaster, all your unwanted electrical items can be reused or recycled!

Reusing your electrical items:

If they've got a fault that may be mended, take them to a Repair Cafe. Volunteer menders (often experts!) will attempt to fix anything from laptops to vacuum cleaners for a small donation. Find your nearest here. This saves them from going to waste and saves you money. 

You can also take them to your local electrical repair shop for more specialist repairs such as phone screens. You can find your nearest in the 'Reuse It' section

If they're not broken and in good working condition, charity shops may accept them. Also, some furniture charities accept household goods to give to those in need, you can find out more on our Reuse pages. 


Recycling your electrical items:

Completely broken household electricals or electronic items can be dropped off at the Recycling Centre so the precious resources, especially metals, in them can be seperated and recycled. Did you know that 1 iron has enough steel to make 13 cans?!  Recyclenow have more information on how your electricals get recycled

Some districts offer a household recycling service, find out if yours does here

Have a look at the A-Z to find out more about recycling specific electricals. e.g batteries in them or just the wiring. 


Also, don't forget electrical items can also be hired from shops around Devon! Find out more on the reuse directory.