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Frock Swap


Whoop! Frock Swap! Raise funds to maintain our fab space!

£5 entrance fee, to include a glass of wine and nibbles! Tickets are available on the door, cash only. 40 people MAX.

Clothes must be...
2, Clean
3, Nice
4, On season - Summer/Autumn
5, No underwear, maternity or nursing clothes.

How it works...
Count how many items you want to swap (max 15)
I'll give you swing tickets, you write your name on them.
Hang your clothes on the rails in the right places. Keep your tickets with you.
Chill....nibble, natter and generally enjoy!
At 8 you can try on and choose wihich bits you like.
Put your ticket on the hanger of the thing you like and return it to the rail for others to try on.

At 9.30 anything with 2 or more tickets will be auctioned off, (beware this gets VERY exciting) everything starts at 50p.
NO hanging onto things - play fair.

Have fun! Invite your friends......bring cash (and a bottle if you feel super generous!)

Wednesday, 20 September, 2017 (All day)


The Baby Room Ladysmith School Exeter EX1 2PS