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Real Nappy Week - Nappy Clinic


Happy Real Nappy Week!!…. for me it’s about showing people who may not have ever seen a cloth nappy how fabulous they are! There are also breast pads, cloth wipes, washable change mats, washable wet bags and CSP.

All week I’ll be giving away FREE BABY WIPES! when they are gone they are gone tho……

Friday 28th April
9.30 – 11.30 Jelly Charity Shop – Nappy Clinic, bring your nappies and we’ll trouble shoot any issue you may be having, I’ll show you my clever ‘hacks’ for some brands and see if you can grab a bargain at Jelly at the same time.

I love real nappy week – have a look at my events calendar for maps and links.

Give me a call if you cant find me… 07886626093 Jen xx

Friday, 28 April, 2017 (All day)
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Jen Harris
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Jelly Charity Shop
Fore St
Exeter EX4 3AN