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The Best Ever Cloth Nappy, Breastfeeding and Sling Sale!


Presenting.....the end of Real Nappy Week 2017 and.....

The Best Ever Cloth Nappy, Breastfeeding and Sling Sale! In the entire universe!

Oh YEAH!! Whoop!! I LOVE doing this event!!!

As I'm sure you know the funding for the Devon Real Nappy Project has gone :-( we are still selling off old nappies from the trial kits to ensure that the kits are stocked with up to date nappies, so funds raised at the sale will go back into the kits.

The quality of the nappies which are bought and sold at this event is really very high. I have a clear out of the DRNP trial kits and sell these to raise funds to buy more trial nappies.

This year there will be a Breastfeeding table too - Pumps, Pillows, Pads and Bras! (Trying on space available too!) Sorry no Maternity.

We have tea and cake and yumminess and again we will be helping our local neonatal charity SNUG.

If you want to buy stuff then come along - grab a basket and get shopping! It's £1.50 entrance fee, there will be tea and cake - as per usual!

If you want to register to sell nappies or breastfeeding stuff (not materniy) or slings at this event the please send me your email and I'll forward you instructions.

Saturday, 29 April, 2017 (All day)
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Jen Harris
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Scout Hut
South Lawn Terrace
Exeter EX1 2SN