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YOU can vote for your hero(es) from the shortlisted nominees below. The People's Choice award will be an additional award to the category winners and runners up and is chosen by members of the public.

To vote, all you need to do is check out the nominations below and then vote for your chosen hero(es) by checking the boxes at the bottom of the page and clicking submit.

Sarah Ward

Sarah is incredibly environmentally conscious and recently set up a recycling point in Blackborough for many items that aren’t currently collected by the council. Sarah has placed a series of boxes, all individually labelled, in the porch of the village hall to make it super easy for locals to drop off things such as crisp and nut packets, biscuit wrappers, bread bags, contact lens packaging, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and lots more. Since May 2019 Blackborough residents have collected 50kgs of waste. Not only is this waste recycled rather than going to landfill, it also raises money for a junior diabetes charity.

Sarah also set up the Blackborough Green Community Facebook group where she shares tips on how to help the environment and live more ethically and sustainably. Through this forum Sarah keeps residents updated on what can and can’t be recycled, how much has been collected so far and what happens to the waste after it leaves Blackborough. Most recently she organised the purchase of brown paper tape in bulk for village residents to use instead of sellotape when wrapping their Christmas presents. She has also coordinated purchasing recycled lunchboxes for all the primary school children in the village to be given by Father Christmas at the village Christmas party in December. Residents don’t know where she finds the time but they are very grateful she does. Click to vote!

Jack Otton and David Murphy

Jack (aged 15yrs old) and his co conspirator David Murphy (14 yrs old) have taken it upon themselves to help with fundraising for our St. Peters village church, where funds raised are being put toward the essential repair of the bell tower. They have built a "can cart" and travel around the village centre collecting up recyclables which can be sold on to specific businesses, putting the funds raised into the church tower appeal fund. They did this under their own steam, with some assistance from parents of both teenagers. They have recycled old bike wheels and frames, wood from demolished buildings and used their own time to construct the cart. They have circulated to the villagers their collection times, and have generated a really great response! Click to vote!

Kay Brennan and Anne-Marie Eveleigh

Kay Brennan and Anne-Marie Eveleigh have been nominated for this award for their efforts to set up and promote the Plastic Free Movement in Woolacombe, Mortehoe and beyond .The movement was set up to created to reduce the threat of plastic pollution in the oceans. It was launched within the local community as a means to support businesses to reduce their reliance on unnecessary single use plastics and to assist with the long term use of sustainable solutions.  It has been embraced in this Parish by most members of the community and businesses who have made a concerted effort to reduce the use of single use plastics . The ultimate aim is to achieve  plastic free status. Both Dr Kay Brennan and Anne-Marie have worked tirelessly in the community to promote the aim and fully support the common goal of reducing the plastic impact on our coastal environment. Click to vote!

Elle Welch

Owner of Serendipity in Honiton High Street, Elle lives in the community of Blackborough. She began collecting items that are not usually recycled as a fundraiser for the East Devon Juvenile Diabetes Group because her son has diabetes. The Group has teamed up with Terracycle to recycle hard-to-recycle waste and it amazes local residents how much rubbish Elle collects. In six months she has sent off 700kgs!

Not only does she accept the items at her shop in Honiton which makes it easy for the town’s residents to recycle, but she has also inspired her local community in Blackborough to set up a collection point at the village hall too. She has inspired others to look at how they can boost recycling and awareness and is described as energetic and enthusiastic.

Elle has set up a Facebook group to support the recycling, which has nearly 400 members. She shares lots of advice about recycling, not just about their scheme but the issues more widely so is also providing an important education service to the community. She is truly an inspiration.​  Click to vote!

Steve Kingdom

Steve is an employee of Teignbridge District Council Waste and recycling team and his dedication to duty is humbling. He consistently volunteers to work longer hours than is necessary to ensure the operational service is maintained by going out of his way to keep all recycling skips emptied and serviced. He is an excellent example to our staff of how a diligent approach to waste management and taking pride in what you do can contribute to a cleaner and tidier Devon. Click to vote!

Shaun Steer

Shaun is a Bulking and Recycling centre charge hand and should be singled out for specific praise as he ensures, through proactive leadership and staff management that the site is kept clear of any blown litter and that this does not leave the site to pollute the local area. He makes the best with limited resources and is innovative in his approach to reducing litter on site as well as minimising waste. Shaun consistently goes over and above what is expected of him to run a facility that is both efficient in recycling and kept clean and tidy in all weathers and climates.​  Click to vote!


Ian Grantham

Ian at the ripe age of 67 is still helping the public carry large items up the steps at Okehampton HWRC. He always has a smile helping people, is diligent in his work and cares about the other site operatives on site .  He always taking the young staff under his wing and guides them in the right direction to ensure a great standard of work is achieved. Click to vote!



Killacleave Recycling Centre staff in Ilfracombe

The staff at Killacleave are always helpful, courteous and keep a continued eye out for people who might need help with bulky items. They can make a sometimes daunting trip a very hassle free experience.  Always polite and happy to help, whatever the weather.  Nothing is too much and they are always up for a joke and a laugh. They are described as a credit to Devon County Council’s recycling team. They give useful advice and make the whole process a positive experience rather than a chore, thus encouraging people to use the facility. Excellent service! Click to vote!

Lisa Batten​

Lisa has worked tirelessly to implement a new recycling/ composting strategy in Uffculme school. She has been tenacious, dedicated and made positive changes, inspiring an excellent team to carry out collections and sorting on site. She has monitored how things are working out, communicated within the school community and kept the district on their toes and accountable for collections, ironing out problems as they arise. She has made a real difference and is passionate about her role. Click to vote!

Shani Adams

Shani has set up a composting group at lunchtimes. She convinced The Friends of Ilsington School to purchase a Hotbox so that cooked food as well as other materials could be composted, she drove to Instowe in her holiday to pick up a Jora composter from another school that was not using theirs. She has also acquired pallets and built a set of three layering composting stations. The children join in with her at lunchtimes, shredding paper, collecting waste from classrooms, sweeping up leaves, chopping small twigs, monitoring how the systems are working.  She also encourages everyone, parents included, to have a good look at home for things the children can make use of at the Outdoor Learning that she leads, things long forgotten about and no-longer need/want/use. Colleagues also give their “confessions” (corks) to her on a Monday morning to be used!​  Click to vote!


Sadie Davies

Sadie has been described as a recycling pioneer. Earlier this year, she spearheaded a campaign which resulted in Bradworthy Primary Academy being awarded the coveted "Plastic Free Schools Status" - something which very few primary schools in Devon have achieved. Current projects include the creation of Christmas crackers which will be waste free. This September, she became the first woman to swim from mainland Devon to Lundy island. This is a phenomenal & historic achievement which she undertook in order to raise awareness & raise money for recycling orientated charities (such as Surfers Against Sewage) such is her passion for promoting recycling in Devon - this passion she has shared with the children who have had the benefit of her experiences and enthusiasm. She has generated a huge amount of publicity for the causes and continues to give talks and inspire our children and others to get involved. Click to vote!

The King’s  School Green Team, Ottery St Mary

The green team have implemented many green initiatives around the school eg composting waste and addressing the provision of single use items in the school canteen. They have been collecting plastics to be recycled by the D&T department Litter Picks around school and launched a poster campaign around school to reduce plastic pollution. Click to vote!

St David’s Primary School Green Team, Exeter

St David's have had an amazing term learning how to be Eco -warriors, every child in the school has made an eco brick using plastic that cannot be recycled (they are currently part of an eco display in the school) and have learned how bad plastic is in the ocean for wildlife .Green Team have made signage to encourage lights to be turned off, monitored bins to check on correct recycling, got parents to bring in batteries- recycled to the waste depot, stamps- sent to the Barn Owl Trust to raise funds. In addition, during gardening times, seeds were planted in paper pots made by the children to save using plastic, compost made from leaves and playtime fruit snacks for the garden. Apple and blackberry jelly was made by the children from the trees and bushes in the school field reusing old jam jars and selling to raise funds for their barn owl. Plans are afoot to start recycling Crisp packets and to make Christmas cards from recycled paper. The children work incredibly hard in their own time during lunchtimes and after school and deserve to be recognised. Click to vote!

Nicky and Richard Morgan

Nicky and a Richard own a small business, Midleydown Glamping in Plymtree. They have guests staying with them in their super sized safari tents throughout the year. Nicky and Richard provide recycle bins and have provided the guests with information on how to recycle in Plymtree, i.e what products go in what bins. They have also built a new recycling station which is a hub for all the guests to go to at the end of their stay to ensure that they put the correct objects in the correct bins. They often reuse empty jars to display coffee/tea/sugar in. They keep all products that are left behind, such as toiletries so that if the next guests forget something they can rummage through the box and take what they need rather than buying more.  Nicky and Richard sourced a lot of the furniture from ebay/ gumtree so it was pre loved and they also use these sites when they have finished with things, for other people to enjoy them. Click to vote!

Denise Durant

Denise set up in the Tiverton Pannier Market in October 2017 and has helped support people to move more towards living a zero waste lifestyle.  She has provided a collection point for Ellie's Fund, has gone out of her way to make more ethical toilet paper available to people and local ethical milk with reuseable bottles.  She has made it possible for so many people to start living a more eco friendly way without judgement and just support and ideas to help us recycle, reuse and make better choices. ​ Click to vote!

Mike Leonard

Mike works hard to collect up all of Bradninch's crisp wrappers, biscuit wrappers and other confectionery item wrappers and sends them off to Terracycle. He has done this for many years and has raised loads of money for local charities including the Bradninch Pre-School, Scout Group, Football Club and Youth Club. He has put bins in the local Guildhall and packages up and sends off the packages himself. He is a prominent member of the community as he has organised and run the Music Festival, Musical Gardens and 12th Night celebrations for over 10 years. Click to vote!

Katherine Dawson

Katherine is nearly 7 but is already encouraging others to recycle as well. She insisted that her father set up a recycling facility at his work and regularly pops in to check it! She collects crisp packets to take to school and old pens but is also asking for gifts without packaging for birthday and Christmas! She’s currently collecting cardboard rolls and bits of paper etc to make her own Christmas crackers too! Click to vote!


Margaret Harrow

Margaret has an burning desire to make Devon a greener and cleaner place to live. She does her utmost to recycle everything possible, from foil yogurt pot lids to broken headphones. However, she doesn't just stop at recycling, as she is working towards making her family and friends as Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious as possible. She has made many large positive changes to her household such as swapping to bamboo toothbrushes, silicone container covers and buying packaged food, vegetables and meat to cut down on plastic pollution. Her optimism is contagious and has already started to help make big changes to the way her family and friends think and act towards the climate crisis, recycling and plastic pollution. Click to vote!

Heather Clay

Heather continues to be a key player in Tiverton Re-Rooted monthly cafe which saves supermarket foods going to landfill. She helps organise, acts on a rota as head chef, manages the food store and shows huge commitment. Earlier this year, she was a key player in establishing a Community Fridge at Tiverton library and makes regular (often daily) visits to ensure it is kept clean and well stocked. Next year, at the local college, she will demonstrating how to prepare menus, shop wisely for ingredients and make simple nutritious meals for those with little knowledge of budgeting, cooking and healthy eating. She is a real asset to Tiverton. Click to vote!


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