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YOU can vote for your hero(es) from the shortlisted nominees below. The people's choice award will be an additional award to the category winners and runners up and is chosen by members of the public.

To vote, all you need to do is check out the nominations below and then vote for your chosen hero(es) by checking the boxes at the bottom of the page and clicking submit.

Amanda Salter
Amanda recycles anything and everything. She is involved in collecting the plastic recycling not collected by the local council and is a massive fan of upcycling and green policies. She is a real hero in her neighbours' opinion, who think she is very deserving. On black bin days you'll be lucky if there is one black bag out for collection! Click to vote!

Angela Redmond, Wynstream Primary School
Angela works tirelessly to reduce waste and recycle materials at Wynstream Primary and to inspire young people to care for the environment. She gives her own time outside of school hours and is always on the look out for reclaimed and repurposed resources for use in school. An example is the new butterfly garden she created with pupils using reused and donated materials. Click to vote!

Ben Bryant
Ben has the community at heart and is incredibly passionate about recycling. He is a key member of the Totnes plastic-free group and has helped to organise all sorts of community recycling endeavours including screenings of the plastic-free film and litter picks. He is incredibly passionate and just by speaking to him, his knowledge and deep interest in recycling helps to spread the word of what each person can do to help make a change. He truly embodies community spirit. Click to vote!

Blackdown Hills Repair Cafe
Blackdown Hills Repair Café launched in March 2018 and runs events every other month in Hemyock Village Hall. The group is led by the unstoppable Trisha Comrie who dedicated hundreds of hours in the lead up to the launch event. She drew a team of volunteer menders together, contacted all Parish Councils for their support, plus local businesses, the AONB and the WI, wrote articles for all of the local newsletters, and spent hours visiting all of the local villages in the area to put up posters, as well as organizing the logistics of the day. Her hard work paid off and an incredible 120 people attended the launch event including the local MP. Since that first event Trisha has drawn together a core team of dedicated volunteers to plan and run the events and now a very big bank of menders. After 4 events the group have received almost 200 items (70% of which have been fixed) The Repair Cafe drives home the message about the importance of creating a repair culture whilst also providing a welcoming environment for people in the community to come together, support each other, pass on skills and meet new people. The group have also offered to advise people from other local parishes who have expressed an interest in setting up a Repair Café. Click to vote!

Diane Dart
Di is the recycling queen at Exeter City Council Customer Services. She is very passionate about recycling and keeps everyone informed about what can and cannot be recycled. She is currently encouraging everyone to stop using single use plastic cups and has also been known to rifle through bins to make sure everything that can be recycled is recycled. She never gives up even when her message isn't always getting through! Click to vote!

Exeter City Council MRF Bailing and Sorting Team
In order to build a business case to improve ECC's recycling service the MRF team have shown incredible commitment above and beyond what is there normal remit. They are working to process not only Exeter's recycling but also all of West Devon plastics and cans, some of Teignbridge recycling, and have worked with North Devon and Bristol this year. All of this they have done outside of their normal working hours. The team are also working with local SME's helping to recycle collected business waste. Click to vote!

Gill Gale
Gill is part of the Celebration of Soil - soil and composting group, which is part of the umbrella Tiverton Area Communities Transition group. In 2017, following a CAG Devon Compost Dr training session, Gill, along with a two other compost and garden enthusiasts, Ian Johnson and Chris Allen, set about to share their passion of the world underfoot and the importance of compost. The Celebration of Soil year has included compost training days, farm visits to farmers who are actively caring for the soil using compost, film showings, developing and sharing a soil and compost kit for schools and creating a display for Tiverton Museum, and organising talks. Gill has worked directly with 2 schools and created an amazing 3D installation for the museum. Click to vote!

Helen Plumb
The Science Technicians at the college are supporting a number of students who have made it their mission to improve the college environment in an attempt to influence positive behaviours to reduce waste and to better use the landscape of the college to encourage wildlife.  They have created collection points for crisp packets which will be returned to Walkers for recycling into plastic items such as benches and watering cans.  They are also undertaking research into how much single use plastic the College uses and finding out ways for this to be reduced.  Some of the other things they have done so far are a fact finding trip to the recycling plant in Exeter and they have dug out a pond in the garden area to encourage wildlife.  These students are using their knowledge gained through their Science lessons to improve the amount of rubbish that is recycled by the college and are Ambassadors for the future.   The technicians are Ms Helen Plumb and Ms Katie Schneider and the students are Luke Dawson, Fin Hayes, Jake Cox, Abbi Bridgewood, Abbi Conley, Toby Coniam, Morgan Lynch, Ollie Worthington and Steph Harris. Click to vote!

Imogen and Neve Parish
Imogen and Neve are motivated to improve the appearance of their local lanes, which are blighted with litter. They routinely clean up rubbish, armed with a litter picker and a bag to clean up our lanes. They also get angry when they see litter and say it damages the environment and harms the animals. Click to vote!

Joanna Jolliffe
Jo has organised recycling bins around Culm valley sports centre with factual posters to inform colleagues of the benefits of recycling. She also makes sure that staff recycle the right way in the work place and goes out of her way to recycle the best way possible Click to vote!

Martin Daniels
This guy goes above and beyond when collecting recycle boxes. No job is to big always around to help others. Click to vote!

Matt Hulland
Matt continues to work on improving the environment by taking either direct action and getting out there litter picking and ensuring the waste is recycled as much as he can or by encouraging others like Ocean Recovery Project to ensure waste found on beaches etc is recycled. Click to vote!

Myles Parker
Myles is eager to recycle and has been recycling plastic into eco bricks , encouraging others to do the same and caring about our planet and wanting to make a difference . He has changed his families habits and lowered their plastic consumption significantly. Click to vote!

Nathan Tanton
Nathan Tanton  household waste recycling centre attendant (HWRC) heard cries for help from his fellow work colleague and went to assess the what was wrong, Nathan realised that his work colleague had severed his tendon.  Realising the severity of the incident a small bandage wouldn’t quite fit the bill so Nathan picked out a pair of trousers which just so happened to be in the vicinity and applied direct pressure to the wound whilst shouting for someone to call 999. Nathan spent the next 30 minutes whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive comforting his fellow worker as well as putting passing pressure onto the wound . The injured staff member was rushed into surgery immediately and it is due to Nathans quick thinking that the operative made a full recovery. Click to vote!

Recycle Round 4 - West Devon
Recycle crew of the contractor’s for West Devon Borough Council’s Waste collection service FCC Environment’s Recycle Round 4. The crew consists of 3 very environmentally keen recycling operatives who cover the North rural areas of West Devon, places such as Spryton, Broadwoodkelly, Northlew and a large part of Okehampton to name but a few.  The crew, Darren Nick and Andrew collect and sort the Recycling from neighbouring communities many who look forward to the crew arriving. Margret from Sampford Courtenay will wait by the window waiting for the crew to arrive she often comes out to have a chat and offer a hot drink or ice cream depending on the weather. Margret as well as others know how hard this crew work going above and beyond day in day out rain, wind, shine and even snow! This crew will turn up to collect and take away so the Recycle process can continue, always with a smile and being as helpful and courteous as possible. A 1st class service! Travelling down the windy country lanes totally dedicated to their job in the recycle industry collecting Recycling. It doesn’t stop at recycling. The crew are very conscientious about the environment and will quite often do a quick litter pick in an area that has been littered and recycle what they can keeping country lanes, villages and even parts of Dartmoor litter free. Click to vote!

Exmouth Repair Cafe
Exmouth Repair Café has helped the community keep items going rather than throw away. Click to vote!

Sarah Gillbard
Sarah & her colleagues at the London Inn are at the heart of village life and encourage neighbours & customers to bring their recycling to a hut they’ve provided in their car park. The proceeds are used to support village projects. Sarah gives freely of her time to fetch, carry & promote the scheme. Click to vote!

Sharon Bates, Litchdon Medical Centre
Litchdon medical centre has been working hard to be more environmentaly friendly in a number of ways over the last 3 years. Recycling is a big part of that and all the staff play their part in ensuring everything that is possible to be recycled is.  They also try to promote and encourage recycling and 'being green' and environmentaly friendly to their 15,000 patients. They aim to lead by example as the environment  is important to them and the practice feels it can play a part in being a positive role model. Click to vote!

Silver Hill Day Centre
This group from Silver Hill day centre hold weekly beach cleans and also sort out the centres recycling on a weekly basis. They encourage others to recycle their rubbish and do a fantastic job. Click to vote!

Stuart Halliwell
According to Stuart's family, he constantly moans at them for not putting our rubbish in the right bin! He is so obsessed with recycling that they’ve had to delve deep into the black bin to find the plastic that should be in the green bag! They believe he deserves a thank you for teaching them how to look after the limited recourses we have left. He loves Cranbrook's fairly new recycling strategies and supports the council all the way!!! Click to vote!

Graham Hazeldine, Craig Hughes, Nigel Raffaini and George Garvey, Torbay Waste and Recycling Collectors
The crews collect from flats – large and small, from high end executive apartments to the run down social housing association properties and yet treat everyone with the same professionalism. They collect from the communal properties in Torbay, go over and above in their working days to ensure that these properties are serviced efficiently and with a smile. They constantly report back to the office with information on damaged containers, contamination and ideas for tweaking the collections to make them more efficient.  They take a genuine pride in their work and conscientiously replace containers from where they collect them and leave the bin stores (which are often in very poor condition, with rubbish/recycling scattered all around the bins) in a clean order. This is not an easy task sometimes and often goes unnoticed. They interact with residents in a kind and helpful manner and promote the importance of recycling. They are happy to give out information leaflets, bin stickers and offer advice to people who are struggling to understand what can and cannot be recycled. Click to vote!

Val Kingston
Val is 82 and takes care and time to ensure she recycles everything the way in which it is best for the recycling operatives to collect.  She said she has been like this since her grandson did the recycling role as a job and wanted to make it as easy for collection as possible.  Click to vote!

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