Love food, hate waste. . . and save time!

Planning ahead, writing a shopping list and eating leftovers are all ways you can save time, money and reduce food waste – but how do you start when you’re already busy?! 

Plan ahead with a meal plan

Life is pretty busy for most of us, so finding the time to plan meals in advance can be tricky.

Luckily Love Food, Hate Waste have produced this three-step plan which will help you get started.

Once meal planning becomes part of your weekly routine, mealtimes will become easier and save you time.

Shopping lists

Have you gone shopping and bought foods ‘just in case’? Writing a shopping list not only helps you stick to your budget, but also means you don’t end up with 15 tins of baked beans in the cupboard!

There’s lots of ways to write a shopping list, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task:

  • Keep a list on your phone of the most common foods that you buy each week. Update the list as and when you run out of items so it always reflects what you need that week.
  • If you plan to pop to the shop on your way home from work, take a photo of what’s in your fridge and cupboards before leaving in the morning so you know what you have already got.
  • Organising your list around the shop layout will save you time and picking up frozen food last means it will stay cooler for longer.

Find more shopping list tips and ideas here.


Change the way you think about leftovers – plan to make them!

Cooking a bigger meal is more economical and helps to make sure everything gets used up (less half-used tins of tomatoes or cartons of cream in the fridge).

For leftover lunch inspiration, click here.

Quick and easy recipes

Need to rustle up a quick dinner? Look no further than these quick recipe ideas!

For sauces, dips, main meals, desserts and food waste saving tips and ideas, check out the Have Your Food and Eat It! recipe book here.

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