b'Soy and SesameThis Asian-style dressing gives a wonderfully nutty and savoury flavour. Just combine 2tbsp soy, 2tbsp sesame oil, 2tbsp groundnut oil, juiceof 1 lime,tsp of chilli flakes and 1tsp honey in a small bowl or cupand stir together.Ginger and WasabiAdd some zing to your salad! To make, grate a thumb-sized pieceof ginger into a small bowl. Stir in 2tsp wasabi paste, 6tbsp flavourlessoil and 1tbsp rice wine vinegar.TahiniThe perfect accompaniment to a Middle Eastern style salad or drizzledover griddled halloumi. To make, stir together 2tbsp tahini with the juiceof 1 lemon, salt, pepper and 6tbsp of water in a small bowl.Minty YogurtA delicately light sauce with a cucumber crunch. To make, roughly chop 2-3tbsp of fresh mint andcucumber. Combine into a bowl with 150g natural yogurt, 1tbsp white wine vinegar, zest oflemon then season with salt and pepper. Use the remaining cucumber in a fresh green side salad.Sweet ChilliThis dressing gives a slight kick and also works as a dipping sauce ora sweet marinade. To make, mix together 2tbsp sweet chilli sauce withthe zest of 2 limes and 6tbsp of rice wine vinegar in a small bowl.A note on leftover citrus fruits.To save the juice, squeeze into ice-cube tray compartments and freeze. One ice-cube is equal to about two teaspoons of lemon juice.Two ice-cubes are roughly half a lemon.To save the zest, grate into an ice-cube tray with a few drops of juiceadded and freeze. Next time you need zest, pop out a cube.Alternatively, cut into thin slices, place in an air tight reusable containerin a single layer and freeze. You can add additional layers of slices just make sure you add a layer of grease proof paper between each layerof citrus slices. Ideal for adding to water, tea or something stronger!You can freeze whole citrus fruit but they will lose their structure when defrosted. Its perfectly fine for squeezing juice from but you lose theability to zest it or cut into slices.14'