b'INTRODUCTIONIn the UK we throw away 6.7million tonnes of fooda yearthats a third of the food we buy. Research shows that everyone throws away more food than they think they do. Nearly half of what is thrown away is fresh fruit & vegetables, bread, dairy, rice and pasta. Some of the common reasons are buying too much in the first place, not storing things properly so they go off quickly, not eating things in time and cooking too much, especially things like pasta and rice. Whatever food you love, this book can help you waste less and save you money and its a lot easierthan you might think!If you are an average family of four, a few tweaks and changes could save you as much as 800 a year!The recipes in this book have been collected from various sources and adapted to reflect the nature of using up leftovers. Serving sizes, weights and measures depend on what food is available and your individual taste. One of the best things about using up leftovers is creating new meals from different ingredients every time!Each recipe gives an approximate preparation and cooking time although this may vary depending on how new you are to cooking and whether youre using less or more than the recipe suggestion. All images are from generic photo stock and have been carefully selected to best represent the recipes, however your version may look different depending on the ingredients used.2'