b'TOP TIPS FOR FREEZING& REHEATING SOUPSDo Wait for the soup to cool completely before freezing it. Too warm and it will raise the temperature of the freezer and risk defrosting other food.Slightly undercook vegetables if you want to keep them chunky. The vegetables will continue cooking when you reheat later on and may lose their firmness.Leave out pasta unless you dont mind a mushy texture. Defrost, reheat and add cooked pasta when youre ready to eat it. Freeze in individual portion size containers so you only have to defrost the amount you want. Label and date your containers so you knowwhats what. Try to eat within 3 months. Add a fresh ingredient every time, such as chilli, herbs or wilted spinach to keep your soups new and exciting. Sometimes just a pinch of salt or squeezeof lemon is all thats needed to add some zing. Skip the garnish until the soup is defrosted,reheated and ready to eat. Try seeds, fresh herbsor grated cheese. Dont Overfill the container. Liquid expands when frozenso leave space between the soup and lid.Freeze soups with milk or cream as they can separate when reheated and give a grainy texture. Just leave out the dairy and add it once the soup has defrosted. Coconut or almond milk fare much better in the freezer.28'