b'MOST COMMONLY THROWN AWAY FOODStudies looking into avoidable food wastage in the UK have found that bread is the top food type we throw away, with a staggering 24 million slices thrown away every day. Potatoes are a close second, with 5.8 million thrown away daily.Just under half of avoidable food and drink waste (worth 5.6 billion) is classified as not used in time thrown away becauseit had either gone off or passed the date on the packaging.http://www.wrap.org.uk/sites/files/wrap/hhfdw-2012-summary.pdf If you find you throw away dry bread or sprouted potatoes,try these tips and recipes to help your foodand money last that bit longer.BREADWhether its a baguetteor sliced loaf, stale or mouldybread can creep up on the best of us.To keep bread fresh for as long as possible,wrap it in plastic or foil, to combat moisture loss and storeat room temperature (www.wikihow.com/Store-Bread).Avoid keeping bread in the fridge as this dries it out quicker.If you know youre not going to eat it in the next coupleof days, freezing is the best option.Slice the whole loaf first so you only defrost what you need. Defrost at room temperature, toast from frozen or wrap in foil and heat through in the oventhe latter gives a nice result for French bread.If your bread has already gone dry, dont bin it!Dry bread works wonders in these sweet andsavoury dishesand many more!29'