b'PEANUT STIR FRY SAUCEPrep time 5 mins, cook time 15 mins. This sauce takes only a few minutes to make and will keep for up to2 weeks in the fridge.Ingredients 60ml warm water 3tbsp soy sauce TOP TIP 1tbsp sesame oil Add prawns, cooked1tbsp honey meat or meat alternative2tbsp lime juice once vegetables are1tbsp sriracha cooked and heat (or alternative hot sauce) through until 120g peanut butter piping hot. 1tbsp ginger 1tbsp garlic (chopped)MethodAdd ingredients together in a mug or small bowl and mix well.Heat vegetable or coconut oil in a large pan. Stir fry your vegetables until al-dente. Add the sauce and coat the vegetables. Add cooked rice or noodles (either freshly cooked or leftover), mix together and heat through until piping hot. Serve with a sprinkling of sesameseeds on top. If you have any sauce left, pour into a lidded jar and keep refrigerated.46'