b'4. Know your datesNo food lasts forever in perfect condition, however well it is stored. Most foods carry either a use by or a best before date, or both.34% of people admit to throwing away food because it had gone past its use by or best before date.Use by dates refer to food safety. Officially, food and drink should not be consumed after the use by date - it can look and smell fine but that doesnt mean its safe to eat, especially meat and fish. Its always best to plan meals around use by dates, or freeze any food that wont be used in time.Best before dates are for foods with a longer life and referto food quality. They show how long the food will be at its best. Eating food past its best before date is not dangerous,but it may lose its flavour or texture.5. Portion sizeOne of the main causes of wasted food is from cooking too much. Its easily doneit doesnt look like much and we fear not having enough to go around, so we make a bit more to be sure.Even if you plan to use leftovers for another meal,they can sometimes get pushed to the back of the fridgeand forgotten about.Portion planning will make sure you only cook what you need.As a guide, here are the standardportion sizes suitable for one TOP TIPperson for one meal:After you have weighed 75g uncooked dried pastayour uncooked rice or pasta 75g uncooked ricethe first time, pour into a mug and make note of the volume 65-100g of chickenfilled. Next time you cook again, 65-100g of beefpour straight into the same150g white fishmug up to the level as before.80g vegetables No need to weighevery time!6'