b'USING LEFTOVERSWhether youve cooked too much or didnt eat it all, leftovers are worth saving. Even just a few tablespoons of cooked rice or roasted vegetables can be used in another meal, saving you money and time.Follow these tips to make the most of your leftovers:Cool leftovers as quickly as possible, ideally withintwo hours. Divide leftovers into individual portions andrefrigerate or freeze.Use refrigerated leftovers within two days.When reheating food, make sure it is heated until itreaches a temperature of 70 o C for two minutes,so that it is steaming hot throughout.Always defrost leftovers completely, either in the fridgeor in the microwave.When defrosted, food should be reheated only once, because the more times you cool and reheat food,the higher the risk of food poisoning.Cooked food that has been frozen and removed from the freezer should be reheated and eaten within 24 hoursof fully defrosting.Foods stored in the freezer, such as ice cream andfrozen desserts, should not be returned to the freezeronce they have thawed.For safety and to reduce waste, only take out of the freezer what you intend to use within the next 24 hours.Keep your fridge temperature between 0 o C and 5 o C and keep the most perishable foods, like cooked meats,in the coldest part of the fridge.7'