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Try this #ThrowTogetherThursday - a deliciously creamy ‘Versatile Vegetable Soup’. Quick to make and perfect for throwing in any veg that needs using up. This recipe serves 2.

This #ThrowTogetherThursday is a ‘Various Veg Crumble’, ideal if you have any veg that have seen better days and great if you have any jarred/fresh sauces to use up.

This #ThrowTogetherThursday is ‘tortellini’ great if you have pasta and tuna to use up! This recipe serves 4.

You can’t beat a good old fashioned style Knickerbocker Glory. This fabulous recipe is a great way of using up that tub of vanilla or mixed Neapolitan ice cream sitting in your freezer and any...

This #ThrowTogetherThursday is a ‘quick fix omelette’ – perfect for using up eggs and leftover veg! This recipe will make 1 omelette.

This #ThrowTogetherThursday is an easy cheesy pasta bake! Simple to make and perfect for using up any vegetables and hard cheeses. (This recipe serves 6)

This recipe is a quick and easy mushroom sauce which can be served over rice/pasta, toasted bread and even potatoes. Perfect for using up mushrooms and also yoghurt/cream. This recipe serves 4....

This recipe is a chicken and cous cous one pot – seriously easy to make and great if you have any cous cous (either plain or sachets) in your cupboards! This recipe serves 4.

This #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe is a warming dish to use up veg in need of rescuing! This recipe serves 4.




This hearty #ThrowTogetherThursday minestrone soup is perfect for using up any vegetables you have leftover.  It makes around 8 portions and freezes well.

This #ThrowTogetherThursday Italian baked chicken needs just 15 minutes of prep and tastes delizioso! You can also add in any vegetables that need using up to create a chunkier sauce. Serves 4

This #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe is so good you’ll never want shop bought garlic bread again!  It’s great for using up bread that might be a day or so past its best and you can adjust the amount...

This tasty fish pie can be made with any odds and ends of fish you need to use up, eg salmon, mackerel, white fish or prawns.  Just make sure it’s fully defrosted first.

Wondering what to do with that tin of chickpeas? Check out this #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe –it’s quick, cheap, filling AND delicious! Makes 8 balls.

Cooked too much rice? This #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe can turn your leftovers into a whole new meal! Make sure to cool rice quickly (within an hour) and store in the fridge until the next day....

Use up leftover dates, cheese and bacon with this easy #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe.

This moist #ThrowTogetherThursday loaf recipe is great for using up dates and nuts you may still have after Christmas.  Serve it as a tea-time treat spread with butter, as a dessert warmed with...

Take it easy with this crispy chicken favourite – it’s tasty and guilt-free! This #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe is for 4 people but you can scale ingredients up or down. You can also use quorn or...

This #ThrowTogetherThursday recipe – is a great value family favourite that freezes beautifully.
Serves 4

Give your leftover Christmas pud a new lease of life with this festive frozen #ThrowTogetherThursday dessert

This one is an easy-peasy chilli that uses up tinned store-cupboard favourites! This recipe serves 4-6.

This simple cheese sauce can be used to jazz up meat, fish, jacket potatoes or vegetables.  You can use it as a base in pasta dishes too – just add bacon and mushrooms, tuna and sweetcorn or on...

You don’t need cream to make this #ThrowTogetherThursday creamy cauliflower soup!  If there’s any leftover, it makes a delicious pasta bake too.
Serves 6

Take a classic carbonara and give it a #ThrowTogetherThursday twist!  This recipe uses up cream and mushrooms to give a deliciously decadent taste! Serves 4.

This #ThrowTogetherThursday BBQ bean dish is the basis for comfort food heaven! Keep it mild and smoky or raise the heat with chilli or a pinch of cayenne. Serves 4

Apple and cinnamon is a winning combo in this #ThrowTogetherThursday cake.  It’s easy to make and will keep moist for days (not that it will hang around for long!)