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Love Summer Hate Waste

Summer recipes

These tasty recipes are great for using up leftovers and perfect for these warmer months!

Homemade Lemonade
What's better on a hot summers day then refreshing homemade lemonade? This recipe is easy to make and is great for using up lemons that are close to their best.

Pasta with home-whizzed pesto
Pasta salad is a perfect light meal for those warmer days when you don't want anything too heavy and is also ideal for a summers picnic. This recipe contains few ingredients and is handy if you have any leftover pasta.

Summer Knickerbocker Glory
If you have a tub of vanilla or neapolitan ice cream sitting in your freezer, this recipe will be great for using it up. You can also use any fruits that you have sitting in your fridge or fruit bowl. A perfect summer recipe!

Having a BBQ?

If you're having a BBQ this summer, have a look here for some useful ideas on how you can save money by reusing what you already have and tips on keeping your food fresher for longer!

Outside this Summer

Nothing beats the great outdoors on a warm, sunny day. Here are some top ideas to reduce waste and help your money go further.

On a bike ride
Do you have an old bike that is in of a bit of TLC? Or maybe you want a new bike but put off by the cost? Have a look here for information about bike reuse and repair schemes across Devon.

Having a picnic?
If you're having a picnic, have a look at these top tips that will help you to save money and reduce waste.

Make sure to keep your picnic cool and fresh by storing it in a cool bag or adding ice packs. Try to keep it stored in the fridge for as long as possible before you leave.

Try making your sandwiches with frozen bread. This way they will defrost in time for your picnic and stay extra fresh for when you come to eat them.

If you're adding grated cheese to your salads or sandwiches, try adding it frozen. It will be defrosted when you come to eat it and will keep your lunch that little bit fresher.

If you have over-ripe fruit, try blitzing it and adding it to smoothies. These are perfect to take on a summer picnic. Keep them cool in a thermos using ice cubes and ice packs!

Down at the beach
Devon has some beautiful coastlines that make a lovely day out for everyone, especially in the warmer weather. Make sure that you look after the beaches this summer by clearing up any mess you make and not leaving anything behind. If you want to get involved in a beach clean up, have a look at the marine conservation societies website for more information.

What's on?

Check out our events calendar! 

If you're interested in trying real nappies, why not attend a nappuccino? They're held at various locations across Devon including Barnstaple, Exeter and Newton Abbot. Helpful advisors will be on hand to answer any of your queries and you can get the chance to have a go with a trial kit. Have a look in the events calendar to find the best date for you.

Repair Cafes
There are currently 8 repair cafes across Devon, with 3 more in the planning! Repair Cafe's are events run by the community, for the community where volunteers come together to help fix household items. This covers everything from electricals, small household goods such as kettles, toasters, hoovers, sewing repairs, tool sharpening, technology help, toys and of course tea and chat! Repairs are done for free to save them from waste but donations are appreciated. 


Reusing everyday items this Summer


Reusing plastic bottles as a skittles game
Simply fill plastic bottles with water or sand and decorate. An old tennis ball or similar can then be used to create a skittles/bowling game. Fun for all the family!


Homemade bird feeder using orange peel
Next time you eat an orange, try preserving the skin and filling it with bird food to make a homemade bird feeder. An inexpensive and waste free way of looking after the birds!


Tin cans as laterns
Tin cans can be reused to make these lovely tin can laterns. By using a hammer and nail, holes can be poked in them and they can be painted using any colour paint of your choice.

Do you have your own Summer recipe? Or perhaps a handy reuse idea. We'd love to hear from you! Let us know here.