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Summer Knickerbocker Glory

You can’t beat a good old fashioned style Knickerbocker Glory. This fabulous recipe is a great way of using up that tub of vanilla or mixed Neapolitan ice cream sitting in your freezer and any fruit you have in the fridge or bowl!

Serves 6-8

Made Jelly (any shop bought) raspberry or strawberry
Fruit that needs using up like banana, apple, pear, orange, handful of freshly picked strawberries and/or raspberries etc.
Meringue (homemade or shop bought if you have any that needs using up)
Vanilla or Neapolitan ice cream
Clotted cream
Cooking Method: 

Cooking Method:

1. Put a couple of small balls of ice cream in the base of a glass

2. Then break up the jelly so you can spoon it on top of the ice cream

3. Place some broken meringue pieces onto the jelly

4. Finely chop and mix the fruit together, then sprinkle on top of the meringue

5. Repeat as above, finally topping with meringue, ice cream and a good helping of clotted cream