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Sustainable Weddings and Events

Did you know average wedding produces 180 kg of waste? More people than ever are considering eco-friendly parties and weddings to reduce their environmental impact, while still having just as much fun. These events are notorious for producing waste - the Office for National Statics in 2016 recorded 249,793 weddings in the UK, so in total nearly 50,000,000 kg (or 50,000 tonnes) of waste is produced by weddings in the UK each year.

There’s waste produced from decorations, food, alcohol, gifts and even clothing - which is only ever worn once. A sustainable wedding considers what can be changed to reduce the amount of waste produced and use alternatives which will are reused or upcycled.

The following blogs throughout will help you consider ways to make your celebration greener, save money and challenge some traditional, but wasteful, practices. Remember, the most sustainable thing is something you already own!