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Recycle Devon Thank You Awards 2016

Thank You Awards

The 4th Recycle Devon Thank You awards ceremony was held on 12th February 2016 and brought together heroes from all across Devon. The shortlisted candidates from each category received a recycled glass trophy and enjoyed a cream tea kindly sponsored by Waitrose.

People's Choice Hero

New this year, the public were asked to choose thier overall recycling hero from the shortlised nominees. The first ever champion has been chosen – and it goes to an Exmouth school. Jennie Dunn and her team at Marpool Primary School won the vote and were recognised for their ‘tireless’ recycling efforts. Over 850 votes were cast and they recieved an impressive 18% of the vote.

Winner: Marpool Primary School

Jennie leads a team of children, teachers, kitchen staff and a School governor who work across the school to ensure as much waste is recycled as possible. The Recycling Team undertake daily food composting and use a ridan to generate their own compost which is used in the school grounds. They recycle all of the fruit peelings and separate rubbish for recycling. The team monitor the process at all levels and tirelessly ensure the bins are emptied appropriately and the ridan is turned!


Collection Crew/Operative (Recycling, Garden, Food or Refuse Collector(s))

Runner up – Joseph Bailey Harley from Otter Rotters

Joseph has been volunteering with Otter Rotters for over two years now. Come rain or shine, he's there on the rounds, going the extra mile for any householder that needs a hand. Quiet by nature he becomes a natural recycling advocate when interacting with the public and he never seeks acknowledgement for all his hard work. He deserves recognition for all his continued hard work and his selfless support of the community.

Runner up – Martin Kiff from the North Devon Recycling Team

Martin is mostly a one man crew who operates on behalf of North Devon District Council in the Braunton area. He is always cheerful and shows pride in his work. He works hard to ensure the Braunton area is left tidy after collections and has to manoeuvre down some very narrow roads.


Category Winner – Sara Stockman & Crew from Mid Devon

Sara and the recycling collection crew collect recycling in the Uffculme area for Mid Devon District Council. They work so hard in all weathers and are very helpful whenever anyone has a query. They have been especially helpful during the changeover to a new recycling system and are very much appreciated amongst the Uffculme community.


School/Educational Establishment Recycling Hero (Adult)

Runner Up - Angela Whitten from Stockland Primary Academy

Mrs Whitten ensures everyone at the school is eco-friendly and encourages the children to recycle as much as possible. She is also the 'Forest School' and Gardening Club teacher where she extends reuse and recycling outdoors. She uses all sorts of items from the school grounds for the children to be creative with and to grow things from scratch in the polytunnel. Mrs Whitten recycles any leftover food to feed her chickens and regularly supplies the staff with fresh eggs.

Runner up – Mandy Bottoms from Denbury Primary School

Mandy has been in charge of recycling for many years now and was a major drive behind organising a Ridan and Hotbox composting system for the school. She has encouraged children to join the Eco warriors group where they carry out composting with minimum input from adults. The group also manage recycling in school, including paper, plastic and tins. Mandy also runs an after school club where the children create items such as gift boxes made from old cards and painted glass tea light holders. She never stops, rain or shine carrying out the composting with a smile on her face.

Category Winner – Sarah Mclintock from Okehampton College

Sarah has been the driving force behind all sorts of projects including introducing a separate food waste collection at the college, purchasing better recycling bins, introducing the teracycle scheme and a clothes recycling scheme. She also organises student led assemblies on waste and recycling and is helping to shape the environmental curriculum. As well as this she has helped the college to achieve green flag Eco Schools status and takes a lead in staff briefings to improve ‘staff’ attitudes to sustainability!


School/Educational Establishment Recycling Hero (Child)

Runner up – Dylan Harris, Devon Schoolchild

Dylan has been nominated by his class for all the hard work he makes towards the Green Team. Dylan uses his own time during his lunch break to research green team issues. Over the past year he has researched animals, how they can be encouraged into the school garden and how the environment can affect them. He has also looked at how humans can affect the environment by their wastefulness. He has worked on increasing the way the school recycles by monitoring the waste bins and labelling them and is very enthusiastic as a battery recycling monitor within the school.

Category Winner – Jay Walker from St David’s Primary School

Jay has been a member of the Green Team since he was in year 2 and has really taken recycling to heart. He has completed many recycling surveys over the years, checking black bins and recycling bins throughout the school. He has labelled each bin showing what should go in, and in his own class he monitors the amount of correct recycling by giving a percentage score each week. When Jay was poorly and waiting for his parents to pick him up, he insisted on taking home the recycling DVD to watch! He regularly spends lunchtimes working on Green Team projects and creating recycling based presentations which are shown to the class. You could ask anyone in school, staff or children who they thought should win a reward for recycling and Jay’s name would come up every time.


School Recycling Hero (Group/Class)

Runner up – The Green Team from St Peter’s Church School

St. Peter's School Green Team oversee the recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard and other materials. They spend time each week emptying the green bins from each classroom and office and ensure that the school is recycling as much as possible.

Runner up – Jennie Dunn and the Recycling Team from Marpool Primary School

Jennie leads a team of children, teachers, kitchen staff and a School governor who work across the school to ensure as much waste is recycled as possible. The Recycling Team undertake daily food composting and use a ridan to generate their own compost which is used in the school grounds. They recycle all of the fruit peelings and separate rubbish for recycling. The team monitor the process at all levels and tirelessly ensure the bins are emptied appropriately and the ridan is turned!

Runner up – Willowbrook Primary School

The children and staff at Willowbrook try their best to reuse, recycle and compost all that they can and to let others know how important it is. This involves encouraging the grown-ups to bring in useful materials from home so that they can be used for things such as art and design, outdoor learning and science. They have just made a beautiful igloo in the Nursery from recycled milk bottles which the children love to play in. The igloo has now been transformed into a spaceship.  The Recycle Devon team wish to recognise Willowbrook Primary School for all that they do but particularly for their innovative idea of reusing milk bottles!

Category Winner – Eco Warriors Group from Morchard Bishop Primary School

The ECO Warriors group was formed just over a year ago and since then the children have had a significant impact on increasing recycling at the school. One team is responsible for composting, they collect all the fresh fruit and vegetable waste, mix it with paper towels and take it to the hot boxes in the school garden to start the compost process. A second group collects and sorts the cardboard for recycling to be taken to the village collection point and the third group collects the black boxes for recycling paper, plastic and tins, sorts and squashes the materials ready for collection. The main impact of all this recycling is that the School has reduced their landfill waste and has replaced their large waste bin with two smaller ones.


Your Recycling Hero (Friend, Family Member, Neighbour or Local Recycling Champion)

Runner up – Andrew Quick from Kingsteignton

Andrew, who is in his eighties, recycles everything he possibly can by using his recycling containers.  He takes larger items to the recycling centre and regularly takes items to local charity shops. He is a ‘5 star’ Teignbridge resident who rarely has any need to put out his grey bin. He actively encourages friends and family to recycle and regularly offers to take their items to charity shops and recycling centres for them. It just goes to show, that at any age, where there is a will there is a way!

Runner up – David Cridge from Dawlish

David has a fantastic recycling ethic and his dedication to making a difference is like no other. He has always been mindful of his recycling habits and this has had a positive influence and enforced good, long lasting recycling habits in his children and now his Grandson. He ensures the rubbish is correctly sorted and very regularly uses the recycling facilities in Dawlish. His enthusiasm for recycling is highly commendable and he is helping to save our beautiful planet one recycling trip at a time as well as instilling good habits and educating new generations on the importance of recycling. 

Runner up – Peter Vance from Exeter Scrapstore

Peter works for Exeter Scrapstore, which provides scrap materials for hundreds of people which would otherwise be disposed of. Peter works tirelessly to collect scrap materials from local businesses and manufacturers and also attends ‘scrap swaps’ across the country with other scrapstores. He ensures there is a huge range of materials available and hates seeing anything go to waste. He also gives advice to people on what they can use different items for and is one of the most friendly and helpful people around.

Category Winner – Gordon Bailey from Newton Abbot

Even the smallest jar, tiniest bit of paper or plastic lid will not get past Gordon on his mission to teach everyone around him how to recycle! Family always make a point of showing Gordon "look we are recycling‘’ they feel guilty not doing so and can hear Gordon’s voice in their heads saying “NO STOP, NOW WHERE DOES THAT REALLY GO!" If anyone in the street needs to know what bin day or what time the recycling centre is open they ask Gordon. Even on a nice country walk or a stroll along the beach he will pick up recycling to take home. If we ‘all’ had a Gordon living with us, the whole of the UK would be saving the environment! He is very passionate about this and he encourages others to share his passion and do the same.

Community Group Recycling Hero

Runner up – Jane Bailey from Bovey Tracey Parish Church

Jane has been a church warden at the parish church in Bovey Tracey since April 2015.  She was forever re-sorting incorrectly disposed of waste from the church into proper containers for recycling. So in November she set up a waste separation system in church in line with Teignbridge Council’s new collection scheme. She ensured that everything was clearly labelled and has persisted with a programme of education to ensure as much recycling as possible. Her efforts have greatly improved church recycling rates and have raised awareness of the new recycling scheme in Teignbridge.

Runner up – Wendy Monday from Winkleigh Community Recycling

Wendy Monday and the residents of Winkleigh work tirelessly to increase the amount of plastics being recycled in the village. Originally, setting up manned collection points and then progressing to timed collections with Peninsula Waste Services. To date, Winkleigh residents have diverted 15 tonnes of waste from disposal.  The recycling credits received are used for community projects and the scheme has saved countless journeys to the nearest recycling point 15 miles away.

Category Winner – Esther Mann from Sustainable Crediton's Waste Action Group

Esther managed two hugely successful Give & Take pop up shop events in Crediton last year where people could bring unwanted goods and take away those left by others - all for free!  The shop was open for three weeks in total and attracted over 7,000 people plus amazing publicity including coverage on Spotlight and BBC Radio Devon. During the events, a fantastic 8.5 tonnes of goods changed hands, with many people leaving extremely happy with what they had picked up!  Esther is also a much valued leader of the Sustainable Crediton Waste Group whose mission is to raise awareness of recycling and waste reduction in the community. The group have carried out initiatives such as a plastic bag free Crediton and also organise plastic recycling collections.


Small Business Champion

Runner up – Donna Cook from Devon Contract Waste

Donna works for Devon Contract Waste and convinces other companies to recycle their waste which helps to spread the word. She's also a champion for recycling locally using word of mouth and social media. She promotes recycling continually by putting posters up in her home town of Chudleigh and has encouraged her 7 year old daughter to follow in her footsteps by also passing on the recycling message!

Runner up – Theresa Maunder, Soft Furnishings

Theresa works amazingly hard at her craft of upholstery. She works wonders with all kinds of items which people often throw out - large items, small items, she transforms everything. A small footstool, an old chair, anything which she can work on she will rub down, paint and reupholster. There is a Give or Take stall in the village market each month, and anything that can be given a new life is passed into her capable hands. She also finds time to be a member of Uffculme Green Team.

Category Winner – Christine Kelly, Chrissy's Used Uniforms

Christine founded and runs Chrissy's Used Uniforms, a shop dedicated to reusing school clothing. She launched her Used Uniform Recycling Scheme in February 2015 which has been really successful and the business now has 14 schools on board who regularly donate preloved uniforms, either from donations or unclaimed lost property. There are also donation bins in all Libraries across Torbay.  Uniforms are collected and then resold in the shop at very affordable prices and she has many regular customers!