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Save Money on School Uniforms

Save Money on School Uniforms

If you’re worried about buying the next round of school uniforms, don’t panic – Recycle Devon has got some helpful advice to save you money and cut down on waste!

With the average cost of school uniform £251 per year for Primary School Children and £316 for secondary,  it’s no surprise that parents all across the country will be in a frazzle seeing how big their not-so-little ones have gotten. Have a look below for some A* knowledge on getting the most from school uniforms as well as information on where you can find low-cost preloved items.

Pre Purchase Planning

Most parents find themselves rushing to the shops in the last couple of weeks of the holidays which can result in panic buys and spending more money! Allow yourself plenty of time and make lists so you only buy what you need!

Reuse and Repair!

We all know that children grow at a rapid rate! This leaves UK families spending around £52 million each year on new uniform items. Often this means that clothes that are in good condition are thrown away. Here are some top tips on what you can do with uniforms that have been outgrown.

Alter it: Extend the length or waist of trousers by letting the hem down or waistband out! Have a look at the 'Love your Clothes' website for some top tips.

Pass it on: Hand it down to a sibling, family member or even a friend.

Sell it!: Try selling it online, through a cash for clothes scheme or even a car boot sale!

Donate it: Donate items at a clothing bank, to a charity shop, or a website like Freegle, Preloved, Gumtree or Freecycle.

Preloved Uniforms

Instead of buying new, why not purchase preloved? Schools often hold second hand uniform sales, so have a look out for them. You could also try looking on Freegle, Preloved, Gumtree or Freecycle.

Choose fabrics that are easy to care for

Choosing easy clean, long lasting fabrics is a good way to ensure that uniforms last as long as possible. Pay attention to the labels inside the clothes  and look out for durable materials such as teflon!

Avoid over washing and drying

Repeated washing and tumble drying can damage clothes. By choosing clothes that are made from polycotton and synthetic materials it means they can drip-dry which will avoid damage. Some clothes will have a non-iron label on them which is not only great for you, but will keep the clothes happy as well!

Buy Big

We all know how children seem to grow at the rate of knots. Be prepared for their growth spurt by buying items that leave room for them to grow in to. Having an extra inch or so in trouser legnth, and adjustable waistbands on skirts will prevent you from buying items before you need to.

Be Stain Savvy!

We all know that the little ones can give their uniforms a hard time! Below are some top tips to help them look fresh and sparkling ready for next term:

Whiten Shirts: Try drying them outside, the sun make them white and shiny!

Muddy PE Kits: Pre soak in a bucket of cold water with bicarbonate of soda for at least an hour before washing.

Ink Stains: Remove by spraying them with hair spray and wiping with a paper towel.

Biro Stains: Remove by soaking them in milk

Grass Stains: Dab with methylated spirits and wash as normal.

Crayon Stains: Freeze the stain to harden the crayon, should then be able to scrape off the excess. Iron the stain between paper towels to transfer the stain. Repeat as necessary.

With thanks to Love Your Clothes for some of the above information.