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Visit your Local Devon Market

Why not sample some of your local Devon produce at a Farmers' Market?

What are farmers' markets?

They are regular markets all across Devon that offer a variety of local goods. As well as your typical  fruit and veg, they can stock fresh breads, local cheeses and even craft items.

Shopping at farmers' markets is a fantastic way to try local foods that are grown on your doorstep. You know where the food comes from; after all, the grower is right there for you to ask. 

To find your local market click here.

 Advantages to buying local produce from a local market. 

 Advantages for you: 

  • The markets provide an opportunity for direct contact and feedback between customers and producers. You can ask the sellers exactly how your vegetables are grown and where they have come from.
  • The produce is usually very fresh, as they have not had to travel far.
  • They help to improve diet and nutrition by providing access to fresh food.
  • They play an important role in educating people about the origin of their food.
  • You can buy a huge variety of things, ranging from your usual fruit and veg to preserves and craft items.
  • The majority of the items are very fairly priced.

  Advantages for the sellers: 

  • They cut out the middleman, and allow increased financial returns to the sellers.
  • The sellers are able to listen to direct customer feedback, which will gives them good ideas on their best selling products.
  • Transport and packaging costs are reduced, so the seller can gain more of a profit.
  • They provide a secure and regular market outlet to the sellers, without them having any pressure to produce certain quanities of their produce.

 Advantages to the environment: 

  • They don't have to travel as far, so vehicle pollution, noise and fossil fuel consumption are all reduced.
  • They encourage more environmental production practices, such as organic or pesticide free.
  • They encourage farms to grow and diversify, therefore increasing bio-diversity.

 Advantages to the community & local economy: 

  • They help to bring together communities and develop new relationships.
  • They can help increase the economy in rural areas, by creating jobs and encouraging customers to support local businesses.