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Recycle at Work

Did you know that you can recycle at work just as easily as you can at home?

There are lots of benefits to recycling at work too, such as:

  • It is easy to set-up and run

  • It saves space and can reduce clutter

  • It is cost effective and can save your company money

  • It reduces waste sent for disposal, saves energy and helps to tackle climate change.

Finding a recycling service provider.
First off, to start recycling at work, you will need to find a commercial recycling service provider in your local area. For a charge, your district council may be able to collect your workplace recycling. There are also private companies across Devon who would be able to collect it for a fee. Click here for more information about commercial waste recycling.

Here are some 'How to' guides that may be useful:

Introducing the Recycling Scheme
To begin with, you may consider introducing the recycling scheme into your workplace through an event or an incentive scheme. This could be, holding a competition against offices to see who recycles the most, or giving away small prizes. As with anything new, it may take some time for your colleauges to get used to, however hopefully they will all eventually become recycling pros!

For some more information on how to encourage your colleagues, have a look here.