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Top Tips for the Workplace

Have a look below for some great reduce, reuse and recycle tips to put to good use in your workplace.

Write and print on both sides of a page.

Print only what you need to, condense the text and reduce the print quality, to save paper and ink.

Send e-mails and e-cards to reduce paper waste.

Instead of throwing your unwanted items away, consider ways in which they could be reused.

Consider donating old computing, or audio-visual, equipment to schools, and unwanted magazines to waiting rooms.

Collecting for charities within the workplace is also a good idea.  Old mobile phones and unwanted computer equipment can help raise much needed charity funds.

Save money by bringing in your own lunch in a reusable lunchbox or if you use plastic sandwich bags they can also be cleaned and reused.

Reuse envelopes, parcel paper, gift bags, string, and elastic bands.

Reuse scrap paper. Keep a tray for used paper by the phone for notes, etc.

Window envelopes - can they be recycled with that plastic window? Yes they can. The plastic window will be removed at the recycling plant.

The use of recycling posters can increase knowledge of recycling schemes throughout any workforce.

Positioning recycling bins in a convenient place will make it much easier for people to recycle


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