Less food waste at Christmas

Help your food budget go further

Save money and waste this Christmas by following six simple steps and recycling as much as possible.

At Christmas, many of us want to treat ourselves and our families but research by Which? shows that the festive foods people most often buy too much of are cheese, biscuits, chocolate, alcohol and vegetables. If that sounds familiar, a bit of planning is key to making sure you avoid falling into the same trap.

This Ultimate Guide to Christmas Food Planning will give you plenty of tips to enjoy a feast without going overboard.

Christmas Portion Planner

If you find you often cook too much and end up throwing food away, use a portion planner so you only buy and cook what you need.

Share the shopping/food

Encourage your guests to bring a dish and share the leftovers after the celebration. It will help keep costs down and ensure you’re not left with mountains of food.

The fridge is your friend

Did you know that adjusting your fridge temperature so that it’s between 0-5°C can keep your food fresher for up to three days longer? Knowing how to store food correctly in your fridge can also make a difference. Check out these top tips for keeping the food in your fridge fresher for longer.

Be a freezer hero

Freezing your leftovers will help save you money and will keep your food fresh for weeks or even months to come. According to research from Sheffield Hallam University, increased freezer use can cut food waste by half, saving an average family £250 per year! This video explores the myths and queries around what can and can’t be frozen.

Leftovers – the gift that keeps on giving!

If you do have leftovers, make sure to put them to good use.  Stuck for inspiration? Take a look at this ‘Have Your Food and Eat It’ recipe book for some ideas on how to use up odds and ends.

A huge thank you to everyone in Devon for all your brilliant recycling in 2023! Find out what you can recycle over the festive period here ‘What can you recycle at Christmas’.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the Recycle Devon team.