Want a low maintenance pet that can munch its way through your food waste? A Wormery is just for you!

Wormeries are a great way of turning fruit and vegetable peelings, as well as cooked food waste into a nutritious liquid plant food.

If you do not require compost, they are an excellent way of dealing with your organic waste.

Instead of producing compost, the worms eat the waste you place in the container and produce a concentrated liquid plant food, which is great for feeding your indoor plants or garden.

As long as you are making sure you use the wormery properly, your worms will love eating all the material you place in with them. Your worms will also appreciate the food that you put in the bin more if it is chopped up into smaller bits, and remember to drain out the liquid every now and then, as you don’t want to drown your worms. Using a wormery to dispose of shredded paper is an excellent way of recycling your confidential documents at home.

Wormery Case Study

Sallie, who is 28 and from Northamptonshire, was keen to reduce the amount of food waste she was putting in her bin but felt that her small backyard wasn’t suitable for a compost bin. She decided to try a wormery instead and ordered one from the Recycle Now website.

Says Sallie: “I am not very practical, so I was pleased to find that the wormery was pretty easy to assemble. The most important thing is to set it up before you send off for the worms! It’s also important to make sure you always close the wormery. The morning after my worms arrived I was shocked to find that a few of them had escaped because I hadn’t put the lid on properly!”

Sallie is thrilled to be getting rid of her kitchen waste in such an environmentally friendly way. She also thinks that worms make great pets. “They make very few demands – I feed them regularly and when it is really cold I wrap their house in bubble wrap. They reward me with wonderfully rich, liquid compost that I use on my house plants and unlike most pets, if you go away for a couple of days you don’t need to ask friends to look after them!”

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Want to build your own?

Chris Collins shows how to make a wormery and explains the benefits it will bring to your garden.