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Love Easter Hate Waste


Get back to basics with small changes that can make a real difference to the waste you produce this Easter

Did you know on average 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK each year? Easter is a time for indulging and celebrating with friends and family, but it often comes at a cost to our pockets and the environment. Here are some ideas to help reduce packaging and waste over the Easter period.

Make your own this year
One of the biggest expenses of Easter, both on your pocket and on the environment is the packaging that it comes in. The best way to reduce this is to make your own! Invest in some Easter egg or bunny chocolate molds to save cash in the long run and start making your own treats each year. Be creative and design unique Easter treats. Here’s a great tutorial to get you started.

Homemade Easter Treats
Why not have a go at making some of these delicious Easter treat ideas? All of which are simple and easy to do at home!

Chocolate Rice Krispie Chick
A crispy treat specially for Easter that kids will love to make during the school holidays. If you don't have an egg mould, you could reuse one from an Easter Egg. Find it here!



Chicken Boiled Egg Family
If you’re feeling adventurous, you could  try making a chicken family from boiled eggs.They would make a fun addition to an Easter picnic and you can transport them in their egg box - just don't forget to eat the tops too!



Easter Bunny Buns
Why not try making these adorable Easter Bunny Buns using some dough and scissors. Find out how to do it here.




Easter Bunny Pancake
A lovely Easter pancake idea! It could make a fun breakfast on Easter morning or even a substitute to an Easter Egg.




Easter Chocolate Bark
This attractive chocolate treat makes a perfect alternative gift instead of Easter eggs, and it's easy enough for kids to make too! It would also be great for using up any leftover chocolate once the celebrations are over!


Be creative and save on waste
Below are some fun ideas and inspiration on making your own Easter decorations:

Brighten up the home by reusing glass bottles to display daffodils from the garden

Crochet your own Easter eggs! Read through this blog to get great ideas for using up scrap wool to decorate them afterwards too.

Use toilet roll tubes and scraps to fashion adorable Easter bunnies. Experiment with whatever scraps you have to come up with some unique looks.

Check out charity shops or reuse shops for old baskets to store all your homemade Easter crafts or to keep painted eggs in.

It's not the size that counts
Buy Easter chocolate that needs less packaging. Choose solid chocolate treats instead of large, fragile eggs that need to be boxed.
The smaller, solid treats are often cheaper than larger ones as you are not paying for all the packaging, plus you get more chocolate!

Negotiate with loved ones
If family and friends love to buy your children gifts, ask them to limit gifts or show them these tips to help reduce waste. If you know the kids will receive lots from relatives, give your wallet a break and don’t add your eggs to the basket as well!

Recycle where you can
Look out for eggs where you can recycle as much of the packaging as possible. Check what you can recycle in your area either via your household recycling collection or at a recycling bank or recycling centre. Have a look here to find out what you can recycle at home. 

Reuse later on
Foil can be saved to use in craft projects, cellophane to wrap flowers or gifts and plastic packaging around eggs used for molds to make your own Easter eggs or as paint pots.

A gift of love
Make a difference by pledging with your friends to sign up to a campaign, such as Chicken Out!, which campaigns for a free range future for chickens and a fair price to farmers.

Spread the word
If you're keen on a waste free Easter this year, politely suggest to friends and family that you would prefer to celebrate without chocolate eggs, cards and shop bought gifts. Suggest a walk and a family meal instead and you'll still have a great time with your loved ones.


 Have a look at our Easter Pinterest board for some more inspiration!