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Pumpkin Rescue


Only 1/3 of pumpkins bought for carving are eaten! Carving pumpkins can have a reputation for not being the tastiest, however if you cook them properly they can be a real treat. Plus, they are a great source of vitamins A and C, iron and riboflavin.

Pumpkin Pasta Sauce
Celebrate the autumn in culinary style with this easy and delicious vegan pasta sauce recipe! Pumpkin and squash are a great way keep dinners healthy and to make a thick sauce without having to use cheese or cream.
Pumpkin Pie
This tasty pumpkin pie is really quick and easy to make, a perfect treat after a night of Halloween fun.
Pumpkin Soup
This is truly ideal for Halloween. How often do we scoop and hollow out those pumpkins and then discard all that yummy flesh? This wonderful soup is warming yet delicate with a little touch of curried spice.
Pumpkin Wedges
Roasting pumpkin really brings out the flavour. Give these tasty wedges a go!


Be Pumpkind
Sometimes, we can't save em al! If you haven't eaten your pumpkin, don't throw it away! Did you know you can compost it at home, or if your local area has a food waste collection you can put it in there.

Have Some Fun
Fun activites to get the little ones involved in.

  • Design - create a face on your own pumpkin and then colour it in.

  • Create - a 3D pumpkin model.

  • Play - a game of Halloween bingo.

  • Colour - in some spooky pictures.

Hubbub Pumpkin Rescue
The Pumpkin Rescue uses everyone’s favourite spooky staple as a prop to talk about the edible food we throw away and the easy steps we can take to make the most of it instead. Each year there are more and more events popping up across the country, all designed for people to come together and use up pumpkins. Find out where your nearest resuce will be or even have a look at info on how you can organise your own event here.