Real Nappy Events

Find out more about real nappies at a Nappuccino near you.

What is a nappuccino?

A nappuccino is like a coffee morning where real nappy advisors serve up expert nappy advice alongside tea and biscuits. It’s a great chance for parents to have a look at what the bounciest babies and the trendiest toddlers are wearing. A real nappy advisor will be on hand to answer any questions on how to ‘go-real’ and to give advice on which nappy is best for the family, whatever your budget. There are tonnes of toys available for the little ones so that mums and dads can enjoy the coffee and have a chat.

Nappuccinos – are they for me?

Absolutely! If you’re thinking about using real nappies and are overwhelmed by the choice then a nappuccino is definitely for you. Whether you are pregnant or baby has arrived, a real nappy advisor will be on hand to help you find out more in a relaxed environment.

Nappuccino – so what can I expect?

The nappuccinos are designed as drop in sessions which we host regularly at several locations across Devon. Some mums come alone and some mums come with dad, friends, babies or toddlers but, whatever the combination, we’ll find a seat for you all and explain all there is to know about real nappies.

You can also pick up and drop off a real nappy trial kit at a nappuccino – just speak to the real nappy advisor beforehand to ensure a kit is available.

Where’s my nearest Nappuccino?

To find out more about real nappies at a Nappuccino near you, visit the Recycle Devon Event Calendar.

Do you want a demonstration in your area?

If you are a Children’s Group, a breastfeeding group, a playgroup or just a group of mums looking for a demonstration of cloth nappies, we can help. We have independent real nappy advisors in all areas of Devon who can provide a free demonstration. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest advisor!