Refill and Zero Waste Shops


Refill is a practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle free and convenient by introducing refill points on every street.

Here you can find out what Refill is all about, find your nearest station and how to sign up your business as a new Refill Station.

Coffee Cups

Nearly all cafés and coffee shops are well used to serving all their drinks in customers own reusable cups, even smoothies and milkshakes.

Some cafes may even offer you money off your drink or future drinks purchase.


Buying plastic free produce and groceries can be difficult, but many supermarkets now have loose fruit and veg, maybe visit a couple of your local ones to find out who is best. If it’s possible to get to a farmers’ market, they tend to sell their produce without plastic.

It is best to bulk buy where possible and reduce the amount of packaging too.

Additionally, buying produce that’s in season in the UK and hasn’t been massively packaged and flown across the world is better for the environment on all accounts. Less food miles, less pollution, less extra packaging.


Zero Waste shops are on the rise and offering a huge array of household foods, from coffee beans to cereals, spices to oils and vinegars, as well as personal care items, like hand and body wash, laundry, and cleaning products. Refilling at these stores help you to reduce your single-use plastic consumption by offering the option to reuse and refill your own containers again and again. Find your local Zero Waste shop here.

Some supermarkets*, such as ASDA, M&S, Waitrose and Morrisons, give you the option to use your own containers on items such as dried food, toiletries and pet food.

(*selected stores only).