Tuesday Tables

Have you used lockdown as an opportunity to have a de-clutter? Are you now struggling with what to do with the things you no longer need as the charity shops are closed but your items are too good to go to waste?

Tuesday Tables might be just what you need! The idea is that on a given Tuesday, you put items no you no longer want outside your house so they can find new homes. This could be in a box, on a table or even on a tarpaulin depending on how many items you need to re-home.

A table of bric-a-brac and a clothing rail in someone's garden

It’s basically a community swap! This has been going on informally during lockdown but Recycle Devon believe it should be a set day. It will mean that when people are out on their daily walk within their communities, they may spot things they need. This not only saves your neighbours money, but it increases the life cycle of your items and stops them from going to waste.

What sort of things can I pass on?

You can add anything you like; furniture, clothing, books, household items or children’s toys. We would advise that no item should be dirty or broken. Knives, chemicals and other potentially dangerous items should not be given away but disposed of safely.

How can I tell people about this?

We recommend using Facebook, either a local community page or street wide pages. You can put up a poster in your window to let people know you are doing this in advance. It may take a few weeks to get going but soon we hope communities will jump on board with Tuesday Tables!

What happens to items not taken?

You could hang on to them for another Tuesday or you could pass them on using sites like Freecycle, Freegle or Facebook Marketplace. When the charity shops open you could donate good items to them.

Can I raise money for a favourite charity?

Yes! While we suggest that all items are given away for free, you are welcome to have a donation pot so people can make a small donation to your chosen charity if they wish.

Can this be covid safe?

If anyone in your household is showing symptoms of covid, please do not take part in this event. We recommend that items are quarantined outside under cover or in a garage for 3 days prior to being put outside.

On the day, you can man your stand and “socially distanced” chat to people as they collect items but there is no obligation to do this! We recommend you have a table to put items on and keep 6ft away from people visiting your stall at all times.

If you’d like to take part, let your neighbours know in advance by displaying this poster in your window. Why not get your community involved in the day and raise awareness in local facebook groups too? Downloads below:

  1.  Tuesday Tables Poster 
  2. “We are taking part!” Window Poster