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Scrapstores are community enterprises that collect off-cuts and surplus materials, usually from factories and businesses, for re-use in activities such as education, play and arts and crafts.  Materials collected include paper, card, fabric, plastic parts, lids, tops, containers, acetate, tubes, rolls, reels, wool, foam, etc - anything you can think of!  Using these ‘Waste’ materials diverts them away from landfill and the community gains access to high quality, low cost valuable creative resources. 

Scrapstores are ‘friends’ with each other but are not usually ‘related’ i.e. they share and swap resources and support each other, but most operate as individual organisations, many as charities.  Scrapstores have different means of accessing their scrap materials, anybody is welcome to pop in and browse, but some you need to pay an individual membership fee, at others you simply pay for the scrap you take on the day.

Many scrapstores also have shops open to the public selling high quality art and craft materials from glue to paintbrushes to complement the scrap.

In Devon, there are six scrapstores.  Please refer to the individual scrapstores’ website for further details of their opening times and membership options. Many scrapstores run workshops and special events so get in touch with your local one to find out more.

Scrapstores in Devon:

South Molton Scrapstore