Torbay Recycling Information

In this section, residents living in Torbay can find information on recycling and refuse collection.

Find out what your collection days are here.

Find out about household bulky waste collections here.

If you have missed your refuse/recycling collection, please contact SWISCo on tel: 01803 701310 or you can report a missed collection online here.

For more information regarding refuse and recycling in Torbay, please click here.

What can I recycle?

Box 1

  • Paper:
    Yellow Pages, phone books and directories
    Letters, leaflets and junk mail (you may wish to shred letters that contain personal information)
    All types of envelopes (no need to remove the window)
    Shredded paper (please put in a clearly marked and loosely tied carrier bag. Limited to one bag per collection)
    Coloured paper
  • Household plastic packaging:
    Plastic bottles (please squash the bottles and replace the lid)
    Plastic pots (e.g. yoghurt pots, instant noodle pots)
    Plastic tubs (e.g. margarine and ice cream tubs)
    Plastic trays (e.g. meat and fish trays, fruit punnets and egg boxes)
  • Foil:
    Foil packaging
    Tin foil (please make sure it’s clean)
    Aluminium food trays
    Foil pet food trays
  • Food tins and drink cans:
    Metal food tins
    Metal drinks cans
    Large tins (e.g. chocolate tins)
    Metal lids and caps from jars and bottles
  • Empty metal aerosol cans
  • Textiles:
    Textiles should be placed in a supermarket size carrier bag and clearly marked. Limited to one bag per collection
    Clean, dry clothes
    Clean, dry sheets
    Clean, dry towels
    Pairs of shoes
  • Batteries:
    Please put batteries in a plastic bag, do not put them inside any other recycling items
    All household batteries
    Button batteries
    Hearing aid batteries
    Mobile phone batteries
    Laptop batteries

Box 2

  • Glass:
    Glass bottles – any colour
    Glass jars – any colour
  • Cardboard:
    Any cardboard packaging, please flatten or fold and place inside box
    Cardboard cereal boxes
    Cardboard tubes
    Brown paper
    Egg boxes
    Greetings cards (without glitter)
  • Cartons:
    Food and drink cartons
    Fruit juice cartons
  • Cooking oil:
    Please put cooking oil in a sealed, labelled container
  • Used engine oil:
    Please put engine oil in a sealed, labelled container
  • Electricals items:
    Kettles, toasters and Irons
    Mobile phones, remote controls and chargers
    Electric toothbrushes
    Small radios, electronic toys and games consoles
    Small power tools i.e. drills
    Hairdryers, hair straighteners, curlers, hair trimmers and shavers

Food Waste Container

  • All cooked and uncooked food waste:
    Bones or carcasses – this includes chicken carcasses
    Bread, pasta, rice and cereals
    Cheese and dairy products
    Fruit and vegetables and peelings
    Meat and fish
    Teabags and coffee grounds

Please remove the packaging from the food first.

Your kitchen caddy can be lined with any type of plastic bag including carrier bags, sandwich bags, pedal bin liners and bread bags. Alternatively, you can use newspaper or compostable bags to line your caddy.

All liners, whether plastic, paper or compostable, are mechanically separated from the food waste and are then disposed of.

Green waste

Optional, chargeable garden waste collection.

  • Household garden waste only.

For prices and more information on the garden waste service, please click here.