West Devon Recycling Information

In this section, residents living in West Devon can find information on recycling and refuse collections in their area.

Click here to find out what your collection days are. Click here to find out about household bulky waste collections.

Click here to find out about the changes due 2nd December 2019.

If you have missed your refuse/recycling collection, please contact West Devon Borough Council on 01822 813600 or report it here.

For more detailed information regarding refuse and recycling in West Devon, please click here.

What can I recycle?

Please note this service is due to change on 2nd December 2019.

Recycling (Box 1)

  • Plastic bottles – All plastic bottles, including milk bottles – Please rinse, squash and replace bottle top. No yoghurt pots, trays or plastic wrap
  • Aerosols – Must be empty
  • Tins and Cans – Food and drinks tins and cans (rinsed)

Recycling (Box 2)

  • Paper – magazines, catalogues, telephone directories, junk mail and envelopes. (Not wrapping paper)
  • Cardboard – packaging, cereal boxes, washing powder boxes (please remove staples)
  • Batteries – no car batteries
  • Textiles
  • Glass – bottles and jars, please rinse and reattach lids

Garden waste collection

  • grass cuttings / hedge trimmings
  • branches up to 10cm (4″) diameter
  • cut flowers and plants
  • weeds, leaves and twigs

Find out more about the garden waste collection service.

Food waste Collection

Food waste – all cooked and uncooked food waste, plate scrapings, dairy, fruit and vegetables, tea and coffee grounds and meat and bones. Food waste can be collected in the smaller blue food waste caddy provided and transferred to the larger caddy. Food waste can be wrapped in liners or kept loose. Food waste can also be composted. For more information on composting at home, please click here.