Why Real Nappies?

Do you know why so many parents are switching to real nappies?  Here are just a few reasons…

Real nappies are better for your pocket!

Considering your baby will need up to 6,000 nappy changes, real nappies can help you keep control of your finances and can save you £500 on average compared to disposables, including washing costs.

Real nappies are better for the environment!

Choosing real nappies also helps combat climate change and reduces the 28 million disposable nappies thrown out each year!

Real nappies are better for your baby’s comfort!

Just like babies, real nappies come in all shapes and sizes!  With plenty of styles to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit.

Real nappies are better for your baby’s health!

Real nappies don’t contain any chemicals or gels associated with disposable nappies. Choosing real nappies puts you in control of caring for your baby’s skin.
Real nappies not only save waste but also use less energy, especially if you follow these top tips:

  •     Wash nappies and wraps at 40°C – do not boil wash.
  •     Use A-rated appliances to reduce energy & water consumption.
  •     Minimise tumble drying – line dry or use an airer.
  •     Don’t use fabric conditioner – it is unnecessary and it reduces absorbency.
  •     Use eco-friendly washing powders.
  •     Try potty training early around 2 years of age.
  •     Use real nappies for more than one child.
  •     Buy second hand nappies, where possible.
  •     Use organic (non-bleached) products.
  •     Don’t iron the nappies.

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