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Wrapping paper alternatives

Wrapping paper is a difficult material to recycle as it contains thin fibres, is often dyed, laminated and glittery or has tape attached. For this reason, not all areas will be able to accept it for recycling. However that doesn't changed the fact that 540,000 tonnes are used every year!  These alternatives below are all a great way to reduce waste whilst keeping within the festive spirit!


Why not give your presents wrapped in used fabrics for a lovely reusable touch? Keep an eye out for funky fabrics at charity shops and recycling centres over the year. The Japanese art of Furoshiki is a wonderful way to do this. Find out more.


Wrag Wrap

 Wrag Wrap are a Devon based company who offer a stylish, reusable gift wrap. There are are a range of sizes to fit almost any gift, and no cutting or sticking required! With a variety of prints for every occasion. Find out more.


Brown Paper

If you must use paper to wrap gifts, use brown paper. It can be easily recycled either at home or at a recycling centre - but make sure to remove the plastic tape first! Brown paper can be purchased from your local craft store or post office. Personalise it with reusable ribbons and bows to add a special touch or get crafty with chalk pens and paint!


Newspaper is a wonderful option for gift wrap for a number of reasons; it’s recyclable, it’s an item that many receive for free/cheap and can look chic and stylish under the tree. Why not give it a go this year?

Make your own Gift Box

These boxes are a quick, easy way to dress up a gift. They can be made to suit different size presents and include a lid as well. Find detailed instructions here.