Period Pants

period pantsPeriod pants are underwear that have absorbent materials built in! You wear them instead of your regular underwear throughout your period, and they can absorb the equivalent of 2 tampons worth of blood. When it is time to change them, you rinse them under water and either pop them in the wash with the rest of your laundry or collect them in a wet bag and wash them all together at the end of your period. Some brands such as Modibodi also offer period swimwear.

Price: Depending on brand, pants are £14.50 – £26 per pair. Some brands offer value packs, and these can save you money compared to buying single pairs.

Lifespan: These pants can last from 25 washes -2 years, depending on brand. Follow the manufacturers care instructions for best results and to lengthen the lifespan of your product.

Available at: Modibodi, WUKA, Cheeky Wipes, Thinx, HeyGirls, Earthwise Girls. Thinx and Modibodi have options available for teenagers.