Sustainable menstrual products

Did you know the average menstruating person uses around 11,000 sanitary products at an average cost of £6,000 throughout their life? Sanitary products are an essential item for many, but there are a range of reusable alternatives that can help you reduce your sanitary waste and save money.

Traditional disposable sanitary products such as tampons and pads contain a surprising amount of plastic and can only be used once before they must be disposed of. It’s estimated that 1 pack of sanitary pads have as much plastic as 5 plastic bags (Natracare, 2019). Reusable products may be more expensive initially. However, they will last for many uses, making them cheaper in the long run. The longer the lifespan of your reusable product, the less waste you will create and the more money you will save! Click here for discount codes available for a wide range of reusable or organic menstrual products on the CityToSea Website. 

This guide is designed to be an introduction to reusable options available, and manufacturer instructions for your product should be followed.

Have a read below to find out about the different reusable options available:

Not sure which option is right for you?
Check out this helpful table from CityToSea for comparisons on different reusable and disposable products.