Clothes Swaps

A new wardrobe shouldn’t have to cost a fortune…

Have a look below for some information on clothes swaps, including how they started and how to organise your own!

Why clothes swaps?

It’s common knowledge that people in the UK have a serious obsession with shopping! In fact 50% of all the products we buy are clothes. On average, we throw away 30kg of unwanted items per person each year. Not only is this damaging to the environment but it’s damaging to our pockets as well!

Instead of throwing all of these clothes away why not attend or even organise a clothes swap/swishing party?

What are they?

Clothes swaps/swishing parties involve the swapping of your unwanted clothes in exchange for other peoples. It’s a great opportunity for you to get rid of all those clothes cluttering up your wardrobe whilst reinventing your style at the same time – they do say one persons trash is another persons treasure after all!

People are asked to bring at least one item of unwanted clothing with them, the value of the items do not matter, as long as they are in a decent wearable condition. They can then look at the other donated clothes and pick out items they like for free! The more people that attend, the more clothes are donated and therefore the more choice available.

It first began when Lucy Shea, founder of green PR firm Futerra and her work colleagues wanted to come up with a way to combine a love of retail shopping without contributing to increased consumption.

Click here to find out if there are any clothes swaps/swishing events near you. Alternatively why not organise your own?

What our Clothes Swap kit achieved in 2019 - with 5 clothes rails, 400 coat hangers, 1 mirror, 1 changing screen, Devon residents have hosted 21 events with over 1,800 people. 9275 items donated saving an amazing 3 tonnes of clothing from going to waste!

Organising a clothes swap/swishing party

Organising a clothes swap/swishing event doesn’t have to be a lot of work, it can be as big or small as you want it to be.
How about inviting some friends over with some drinks and nibbles and swapping your clothes that way? You could also hold an event at your local coffee morning, community centre or even at a car boot sale.
If you’re feeling adventurous why not organise a larger scale event whilst raising money for charity at the same time?
We’ve put together a Clothes Swap Event Kit that includes guidance and equipment, such as clothes rails and a poster template, for putting on your own swap.  Just click on the links to the different downloads and get in touch with us to find out more and arrange getting hold of the kit.  You can also take a look at Love Your Clothes “How to host a successful clothes swish”.

If you’re organising a swish/clothes swap event why not post it in our Events Calendar?