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Gardening Top Tips

Below you can find some great top tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle in the garden, and get the most out of your compost:

Grow your own veg
Growing your own veg can save you money and help to cut down on food packaging. You don't need a lot of space and clever utilising of pots and window sills can give you a good harvest even with the smallest of spaces.
The RHS website has lot's of helpful information on what you can plant during each month and harvesting throughout the year.

Window ledge gardening
Even if you've only got a windowsill, you can still grow some lovely grub. Choose the widest possible windowsill and the one that gets the most sun. Avoid overcrowding the plants and make sure to water often as windowsill plants can dry out very quickly. You can find out some more advice on BBC's Dig In website.

Start home composting
The best way to deal with food waste is to compost. Start home composting and turn garden and kitchen waste into an organic peat-free compost. You can find a helpful tutorial with 4 simple steps here. Your district may even be able to offer a cut price compost bin.

Cut the grass more frequently
Cutting the grass more often enables cuttings to be left on lawns. This saves having to take cuttings to the Recycling Centre or using bags for collection.

Hire or borrow
Hiring or borrowing garden equipment for special tasks is much cheaper than purchasing your own and you don't have to   pay to have it maintained and repaired. Why not ask around your neighbourhood and start a gardening 'tool share' scheme? Have a look at the reuse it directory to see if there are any hire companies near you.

Reuse items in the garden
Reusing or repurposing items elsewhere saves you the cost of buying something new. Many household items can be reused in the garden. Plastic bottles can be used as mini 'greenhouses' for young plants and yoghurt pots are good for seedlings. Pinterest has lots of interesting reuse ideas for the garden, you can also check out Recycle Devon's 'Ideas for the Garden' and 'Allotments and Growing' Pinterest boards.

If you have a top tip suggestion of your own that you would like to see shared on our website and social networking sites send us an email on the contact page.