How to Recycle Wrapping Paper

Please note that any wrapping paper with glitter, foil or other embellishments can’t be recycled and must go in your residual waste bin. Check out these more sustainable wrapping paper alternatives! If it must be paper, why not use newspaper or magazines? Brown paper is also widely recycled across Devon, but find out more below.

West Devon
Brown paper in Recycling Box 1. All other paper in Black sack.

East Devon
Wrapping paper can go in the Green recycling box.

North Devon
Brown wrapping paper can go in the brown bag with cardboard. All other wrapping paper in black general waste bin.

South Hams
Brown paper in blue sack. All other paper in the grey bin.

Brown paper in green recycling bin. All other paper in residual waste bin.

Brown paper can be recycled in your Brown bagRegular wrapping must go in general waste

Mid Devon
White and brown wrapping paper can be placed in your green recycling box.

Brown paper and wrapping paper in Green recycling box.

Brown paper in Box 2.