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Halloween doesn't have to be expensive or wasteful. Here are some top tips and innovative ideas for a greener (and cheaper) Halloween.

Why not conjur up some spooky delights?

Slime Bug Cups
These slime cups are sure to be a hit with the little ones. It's as simple as mixing some jelly and adding in jelly bugs and worms! Great for parties! 

Eerie Eyeball Pops
These nasty treats are sure to freak your guests out! As well being delicious, they can double as a wicked centerpiece! 

Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie is a great way to use up the flesh of the Pumpkin once you are finished carving it. Check out this delicious recipe that Master Chef Paul-Da-Costa-Greaves has devised as part of our 'Love Autumn, Hate Waste' campaign.

Pumpkin Soup
This soup is another great way to use up the insides of your pumpkins. Try this tasty meal while reducing your food waste all at the same time!

Leftover Halloween Sweets Bark
Get creative with those halloween sweets by using them in this chocolate bark! A treat the whole family can enjoy (providing the little ones are willing to share!)

Pumpkin Rescue
A scary 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin are thrown away each year! Don't let your Jack-O-Lantern become a Jack-O- Loser - check out these recipe ideas and tips to recycle yours when the fun's been and gone!


Creepy Crafts


Tin Can Lanterns
Reuse tin cans to make spooky lanterns! Start by adding water to the tin, and freezing. Then carefully with a nail, hammer in holes to spell out the words. You can then add in a tea light. Find the full instructions by clicking here.


So simple to make, all you need is acrylic paint, white stickers, a Sharpie, and some stick-on googly eyes. And let's be honest, these little guys are too cute to be scary. 
Get the tutorial at Morning Creativity.

Pebble Monsters
With a lick of paint and a sharpie, ordinary looking pebbles can be transformed into monsters!




Milk Bottle Ghosts
Make these ghostly milk bottle characters using milk bottles and marker pens. A simple yet effective way to spook your guests





Reuseable Trick or Treat Bags
Instead of buying disposable treat bags for the kids, how about using an old pillowcase? They can decorate it any way they want, guaranteed that they will be able to carry more than their friends and they can reuse it again and again. Find a tutorial here.




Pillowcase Dress
Would you believe this adorable dress is made from a pillowcase? It's easy too! Much better than shelling out for an outfit which will be worn once and never see the light of day again. Find a tutorial to make yours here.





Shake up your treats!
Instead of the usual sweets that are often wrapped in plastic which isn't easily recycled, opt for sweets or chocolate in recycable cardboard containers or tubes instead. Better yet, why not buck the trend and give out a non-edible item? Useful ideas include; pencil sharpeners, crayons or mini activity books!


Make your own masks!
Why not make your own masks this year? Plenty of websites have templates that can be decorated - fun for adults and kids alike.

Check out our Halloween Pinterest board.

Have your own Halloween top tip or recipe idea? We'd love to hear from you! Let us know here!