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Donate locally

Find out where your local reuse charities are and donate or buy locally.


Stuck for ideas with what to do with that old item? Check here for some inspiration!...

Recycling Centre shops

Find out more about the reuse shops based at your local recycling centre.

Reuse for kids

Fun and seasonal activities for children using reclaimed or recycled materials.

Reuse it directory

Is it broken? Running slow? The Reuse it directory will help you find someone local, discover local menders, fixers and hire shops.

Impact Calculator

Work out your environmental impact of your donations and pat yourself on the back. Share it on Facebook or other social media and encourage others!

Clothes swishing

Swap don’t shop! Fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth, find out more, here.

Repair Cafe

Don’t junk broken items, find out how you can get it repaired for free. Run by the community for the community.

Buy, give or sell

Find out about all the ways you can avoid items ending up for disposal.